Instagram Story Time Limit Increased to 60 Seconds

By Srikanth
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Instagram Story Time Limit Increased to 60 Seconds 1

Instagram is reportedly increasing the time limit for Instagram Stories. The time limit of the story is extended to 60 seconds. Earlier, this time limit was 15 seconds. Previously, Instagram Stories were no longer than 15 seconds; they got broken up into separate segments. The social media company Instagram tested the change with select users towards the end of last year. Earlier this month, Instagram launched the parental supervision tools and Family Center in India. At the same time, Facebook launched the parental supervision tools and the Family Center tool back in March. The company was recently charged with a EUR 405 million (roughly Rs. 3,200 crores) fine for violating the strict rules of European Union data privacy.


As per the sources, Instagram has confirmed that it is increasing the time limit of Instagram stories to 60 seconds from the earlier limit of 15 seconds. The process and feature made the process of uploading videos to Instagram Stories more challenging, including tagging and mentionings.

The previous launch of the Family Center is a place for parents and guardians. By the usage of the tool, the parent got access to supervision tools and resources from leading experts. These tools will let them visualize the screen time spent by their kids on Instagram and impose time limits. The new parental controls are part of Meta’s attempt that is going to protect children who actively use its social media applications.

The Meta-owned social media platform was found to mishandle the personal information of teenagers. As per Ireland’s Data Protection Commission’s investigation, it is said that Instagram displayed the personal information of users between the age of 13 and 17 years. Instagram’s parent Meta disagrees with the way the fine was calculated and has expressed its desire to appeal the fine imposed by the regulator.

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