Instagram testing Following tab for Indian users

By Srikanth
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Users in India can now visualize a new “Following” tab along the main Reels feed. Salman Memon revealed the feature by posting a screenshot of the feature on an online platform.


The Following tab offers with a new innovative way to scroll through the recent Reels clips in various section of classifications. Telegram’s latest feature was developed right after TikTok’s “Following” and “For You” strategy that helped the app to showcase a much wider range of viral video clips.

Instagram is as of now working on offering each and every possible way to encourage creators to utilize its TikTok clone Reels. The application is spending its money at $10,000 for a single post. Instagram is feeling the intensity and ought to encourage people to use the amazing feature of Reel.

Social Media Giant, Instagram, is not running alone in this market of social media platforms like TikTok. YouTube and Snapchat are also two major participants in this running battle with TikTok. TikTok, containing an extraordinary 1 billion monthly active users, is one of the most attractive platforms for creators and talent holders.

In the monthly Reels Play bonus program revealed by Instagram, creators will make monetary benefits of around $10,000. Some creators will attain high level of bonuses for posting a reel but may not earn that high amount of monetary and existing related benefits.

There are certain rules to follow to enter the league, as not everyone is eligible to participate in the bonus program. From the book of rules, the prime rule says that “you have just 30 days to draw the bonus.” Another rule depicts that earnings will have a dependency upon how much popularity you achieve after performing a reel on the platform.

The prime obstacle is that there is no clarification on how performances are determined.

In October, Instagram started examining some new tools that will make it uncomplicated for creators to find sponsors. And also to earn money on the same platform. Instagram as of now is also working on to test the affiliate shops

Creators will get a fee of commission when their followers buy a few products from the affiliate shops. The terms of these arrangements are still undetermined, but it should be very soon. Instagram highlighted that the shopping feature would only be approachable to creators who are part of the affiliate program.

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