Instagram to Roll Out UI Changes, Shop Tab to Be Removed

By Srikanth
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Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing applications that are currently owned by Meta. Instagram will be bringing some modification in its navigation bar. The Shop tab will be removed from the homepage. Apart from this, button to create a new post on Instagram is going to be placed at the centre of the navigation bar at the bottom. The reel button will be placed on the right side of the navigation bar. Instagram has already made the launch of shopping features in its mobile app in the year 2018. It also included a new Shop tab to the home screen of its app in 2020.


Meta has also mentioned that the Shop tab will be removed from the Instagram app in February 2023. According to Instagram, a few changes will be introduced to the navigation bar to make access easy for customers. They can share and connect with their friends and interests. The changes will also include the creation of a new post button, which will be later replaced by the Reels button at the centre of the navigation bar at the bottom.

The Shop tab will be excluded from the screen operations. The company will continue to invest in shopping experience within the Instagram app for people and businesses across feeds, stories, reels, ads, and more. With this feature, businesses that run on Instagram will become capable of setting up and running their businesses on Instagram in a more successful way. The shopping feature on Instagram is only available in some of the selected countries.

The feature was included to help small businesses for increasing their reach and make the connection to users via Instagram.

Last month, Instagram launched several new features, including notes, candid stories, group profiles, collaborative collections, and more. The notes feature permits the users to update their friends using text and emojis, and replies to notes arrive as direct messages (DMs) in the user’s inbox. Instagram’s candid stories feature supports users to click a candid photo from the stories camera and share their real-time activity with their friends and followers.

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