Instagram users are upset with scrolling like Tiktok

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Instagram users are upset with scrolling like Tiktok 1

There is bad news for the workers and founders of Instagram, the new feature of the platform is in big trouble, as it is looking ahead to keep up with the roaring success of TikTok.


You might be aware of the things that were made by the company recently; Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg flagged the changes in an approach that sorted the content within user feeds, with a shift away from your home feed being curated by your social or follow graph, most of the feed that is displayed over the panels are recommended by AI, these posts or content does not belong to any one of your friends or someone you follow.

That change has been determined by many on Instagram; it’s a situation where more and more of your main feed is now being dominated by posts. The prime space is taken over by the short-form video clips from profiles that you don’t follow. The concept has made it harder to keep up with the content from those that you’ve actually chosen to follow on Instagram.

That approach has become a great result for the competitor of Instagram that is TikTok. This increased the value of TikTok like, by broadening the amount of engaging content that it can show to users to keep them scrolling. But many of the users of Instagram remained unsatisfied with this new experience, with almost 100,000 of them signing a new petition to convert back to the way it was before.

This petition was launched by influencer and photographer Tati Bruening, who wants the application to get back to its roots of photo sharing.

Kylie Jenner, who holds 360 million followers on Instagram, is one of the most influential voices among younger users. Kylie Jenner mentioned that people listen, and already her endorsement of the petition has supported spark thousands more sign-ups in support.

As per the report of Vox, Jenner’s ambivalence regarding the app appeared to have an immediate effect on Snapchat investors. The stock valuation of Snapchat had dropped by 6%, which was estimated to have a value of around $1.3 billion and $1.6 billion in market value.

As noted by Vox, there were various factors which played into this downfall; not only the comments of Jenner affected the situation. But they were a significant element – though a similar petition to change Snapchat back to its original format also gained more than 1.2 million supporters.

And unknowingly, it worked, in a way. Snapchat got back to some of the old features and refined its approach in line with user demand. So, the comment made by Jenner, along with the petition, changed the spark.

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