Instoried, which is a Bangalore based AI startup has now secured $500000 in a seed funding round from the accelerator and incubator platform VC.

“We want to utilise these funds to expand into multiple languages and reach a global audience. With the in-house natural language processing models, Instoried is going to disrupt the vernacular content industry in India completely,” said Sharmin Ali, co-founder, and CEO, Instoried.

The B2B startup was founded by the Former Employee of the Mu Sigma Ali and Sutanshu Raj in the year 2018, an alumnus of Tampere University of Technology.

Instoried is a deep technology startup that helps brands to predict some of the emotional impact of their content on the minds of the customer. The tool even helps the brands to execute, deliver, and strategize content with the predictive analysis to increase the engagement of the customer.

Instoried has revealed a web application and sells the license of the tool for the multiple language users. It is as of now available in Hindi and English and is even planning to expand into a broader set of vernacular languages soon.

“We have faith in the ability of Instoried’s highly accurate tool to disrupt and lead the market with their unique approach of targeting and catering to specific customer emotions.

A big advantage we see is their focus on the emotional aspect of vernacular languages, which will be a key differentiator, especially in a country like India that has the world’s most diverse linguistic landscape,” said Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, president & co-founder, Venture Catalysts.

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