Integrating WooCommerce with Multiple Shipping Carriers

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Integrating WooCommerce with Multiple Shipping Carriers 1

If you want to offer your customers various shipping options from different carriers, you might find the prospect of complicated configuration overwhelming. Even though there are certain steps you will need to take, all you need is a clear-cut strategy. Read on to find out how to approach the issue and handle it like a pro.


Understanding the integration of multiple shipping carriers on the example of UPS WooCommerce solutions

Although it might seem complex at first, the integration of different carriers in your store is not that difficult. That is because there are certain solutions in place to help you navigate the process.
You can use shipping plugins to carry out the integration as smoothly as possible.

If you wish to offer a certain carrier’s services in your store, simply find the relevant plugin and install it. Once you accomplish that, you will find multiple features that can be introduced into your store
by providing relevant information and configuring the necessary settings.

The interface of these plugins is highly intuitive to make the configuration easy. For example, you can introduce a UPS shipping calculator for customers to receive real-time rates for the shipment
of their orders. All you have to do is put in the variables based on which the calculation is to be made. Let us look into it more closely.

Examples of features that can be introduced with WooCommerce UPS extension

Automatic cost calculation is an extremely useful tool that guarantees transparency and accuracy
of shipping rates. It helps avoid the risk of cart abandonment resulting from hidden fees
or lack of flexibility in delivery options.

With the UPS shipping calculator, shipping rates are displayed based on real-time calculations retrieved from the carrier’s API and estimated according to product weight, dimensions or delivery destination.
You can configure the tool for different variables, including domestic and international destinations. You may also specify a handling fee that will automatically be added to the shipping cost calculation.

Other features include automatic verification of service availability. Use a plugin to automatically display only the shipping options available for the delivery address entered. Accordingly, you can choose to hide particular shipping methods for certain destinations. To see what the plugin is capable of, read about the WooCommerce UPS shipping solution by Octolize.

Learn how to facilitate shipping with UPS WooCommerce plugin

When you contemplate the integration of multiple shipping carriers, you may also worry about
the logistics of the shipping process. However, you will find that there are features that can help you navigate the shipment itself. With intuitive configuration and a complete system of solutions,
you can tailor the process to your needs.

Use a plugin to set a free shipping threshold. With this feature, the shipping rate will automatically change to ‘free’ after a certain total price is reached.

To further streamline shipping, explore label and tracking solutions. These will help you handle a specific carrier by automating the process of label generation and parcel tracking. You will now be able
to download ready-to-print shipping labels as well as save all relevant shipping information
to allow customers to keep an eye on their orders.


Do not let your preconceptions stop you from developing your online store. Integrate multiple carriers today with WooCommerce shipping solutions.

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