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Intel AI Band Special Attn At Annual Computex

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The chipmaker company Intel gave a commendable show of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Computex keynote held at Taipei on 5 June.

Gregory Bryant the senior vice president and General Manager of client computing launched the brand-new eighth-gen Intel Core chips which had key features like dual-screen laptops from Asus and Lenovo and talks about the lightning fast 5G connection in the future. After many years of hardwork Intel has finally reached the last step of artificial intelligence.
Gregory Bryant also launched his invisible drum kit as well as the fanciest new laptops that Intel has got in the world, a film studio executive and Brooklyn Nets star Jeremy Lin was onstage to perform the masterpiece with his brand new drum kit.
Jeremy Lin showcased the invisible drums which are actually series of sensors recording his arm movements and creating matching drum sounds in real time. Famous Musician Kevin Doucette was on the keyboard and two AI avatars on a massive screen responded to the music by playing their own virtual instruments in the real time.

Intel solely was at the Computex event to showcase their AI band which was powered by humans playing high-tech instruments and AI avatars who joined automatically on the bases of their cues.

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