Intel, Arduino and myDevices Join the Rapidly Expanding Arm Pelion

Largest Chip maker company Arm, today morning has announced a new series of new collaboration which will enhance Pelion, its IoT platform, which makes it easier for the customers to deploy and manage a wide range of IoT devices on the platform.

Firstly, the Peltion platform can be used to manage the Intel Architecture platforms, in addition to the Arm based IoT devices and several gateways. The company is also collaborating with the myDevices to make it much easier to quickly onboard a wider array of devices.

The Pelion IoT Platform was come out from the two recent Arm deal, Stream Technologies, and the Treasure data. It also offers an end to end IoT connectivity, data management, and device platform. As Arm has moved further into the business of IoT, it has seen that its users run up against challenges which are presented by the fragmentation in the market.

“With the combination of these partnerships, we’re enabling customers to solve for heterogeneity without deploying multiple solutions,” Hima Mukkamala, SVP, and GM of IoT Cloud Services at Arm, told ZDNet.

“This becomes much more relevant as we get to a more dynamic supply chain in the IoT space where OEMs make assets comprised of modules from various manufacturers and then distribute that to different geographies,” Mukkamala said.

In the next move, that should also extend the array of devices on the Pelion platform, and Arm is also introducing Mbed Linux Operating System. There are already around more than 350000 developers who are using the MBed Operating system.

MBed Linux OS will help to enable the management and development of the IoT devices which is based on Cortex A. as this will also allow the user for the faster time to market for much of the complex applications such as those processing edge gateways or the video.


Written by Udit Agarwal

Startup/Tech News Correspondent, Responsible for gathering information on the tech companies working on IOT, AI, ML, Cloud, Mobile Technologies,

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