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Intel introduces platform for retailer IoT

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Intel has been in the thrall of many innovations for decades in the world of science and technology. However, their new venture is surely going to shake the world of IoT permanently as they plan to invest a whopping 100 million dollars to the cause of retail solutions. They are going to launch a retail platform that is powered by IoT and hence, can enhance the experience of a customer inside a store in many ways by bringing together various APIs, hardware and software.

How crucial is data to retail?

Retail business is all about various products, range of prices and arrangement of products in a specific way that allows the customer to have a full view of the spectrum. It is precisely why data is so important to retail business and Intel is only emphasizing on that fact. They believe that smart solutions that allow to connect various nodes of a retail business can only come up through this process where even auditing is automatized for internal analytical functions.Intel introduces platform for retailer IoT

What about the new tally

Tally is an extremely important software to keep track of your inventory lest it runs out of products. If there is any mismatch of price tag and place of product, Tally will help you track t down. However, the new robotic tally surely brings in a new dimension since it can move without much hassle and it also ensures that there is no visualization problem by using a number of customized cameras.

Unifying the complete process

Retail business is all about the unification of various parts and chains. A retail chain that stretches across continents can only function smoothly if the process is unified from top to bottom and right to left. The huge investment is only towards developing technologies that will provide the breakthrough in retail solutions. It is, however, only gearing up for the bigger picture.

How IoT will change retail?

Once IoT is integrated in a retail system, from inventory to the checkout, everything will happen through IoT and it will only reveal new information about the retail chain’s business strategies. In fact, it can also help create a stable ecosystem where solutions and solution providers are arranged properly. In fact, if the process is ultimately effective, it can ensure some amount of fashion expertise by advising on clothing and shoe. The whole data-driven system thus can become an automated wonderland of products.

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