Intel launches new processors for better AI and Gaming

By Sony T
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Intel launches new processors for better AI and Gaming 1

Intel which is the largest chipmaker has now revealed a new processor for the laptops, mobile, laptops and data centers based on the new architecture that is too expected to enhance the Artificial Intelligence in gaming.


The new 10-nanometer mobile processor which has been named as “Ice Lake” as well as the ninth-generation laptop processors are of the new data-centric ear of computing and will also be going to be defined beyond the traditional core count and frequency, according to the report.

“For every order of magnitude performance potential of new hardware architecture, there are two orders of magnitude performance enabled by software. We are constantly working to optimise workloads,” said Raja Koduri, chief architect and senior vice president of Intel Architecture, Software and Graphics.

The graphics engine of the Ice Lake will enable the integrated graphics processing units to incorporate the variable rate shading capability by applying the variable processing power to different areas of the scene to improve the rendering performance, that even provided with the consumers with the better gaming performance.

However, the heterogeneous computing architectures will be able to deliver intelligent performances for both the data centers and client’s products with its architectural design innovations.

The processor will be going to be shipped by the end of this year.

Before this month, Intel has also expanded its project Athena Open labs which were launched this year itself and originally designed to be a set of guidelines and standards for the makers to follow in order to create a next-generation laptop.

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