Intel Mobileye and Baidu Partnered to amplify Apollo’s self- drive

Intel Mobileye and Baidu Partnered to amplify Apollo's self- drive 1

A China largest and biggest tech company Baidu is all set to introduce their self-driving car platform. On 3rd July 2018, Baidu organizes a conference in Beijing sharing their future plans and talked about there recent partnership with Intel just to desegregate and deploy an Israeli developer Mobileye’s technology and turn it into Project Apollo for solving Baidu’s automatic vehicle problems.

In a Beijing conference Baidu said that we aim to combine Mobileye’s Responsibility- Sensitive Safety (RSS) model with the codebases of commercial Apollo’s Drive Program along with Apollo Pilot (the advanced version of Project Apollo), these two will combine and join together to work for launching newly updated model. It is said that Apollo is going to adapt Mobileye’s Surround Computer Version Kit as one the solution to Project Apollo.

What is Apollo 3.0 ??

In April 2017, Baidu said Apoeis much better, open secure and reliable system and mediating months the company got 116  partners which include Nvidia, NXP and Renesas and many more. Baidu also added that the project GitHub data storage program, which indulges more than 10,000 developers who are having more colorful and cheer up environment in the whole industry.

Apollo 3.0 is having the latest technologies to support the solution of personal parking, automated minibusses, and automatic microcars. And this is also desegregates with Baidu’s Voice-Active telematic software, which has the feature of recognizing face, can supervise drivers to signs for fatigue, and also giving other customized services.

Coincidentally when Apollo 2.5 came out at the same time Baidu launched their autonomous security space in partnership along with China Automatic Technology and Research Center and China Academy of Information and Communication.

What is Mobileye 

Tel Aviv, Mobileye is an Israel based company which acquired Intel in $15.3 billion in April 2017, this is the company who proposed RSS at the World Knowledge Forum on Seoul, South Korea in perv year’s October.

The company’s whitepaper describes that it is deterministic formula along with the sensible provable guidelines of the road with intention to prevent self- driving automobiles which is the reason behind accidents on roads.


Along with do many announcements Baidu also said that it’s time to begun volume production of Apolong, this is China’s first Level 4 completely automatic bus.

Apolong is a 14- seater, which is getting manufactured by a Chinese bus manufacturer King Long.


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