Intel to bring Wi-Fi 7 by 2024

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The technology world is transforming at a speedy pace, and so are the technical tools. The technology is running in the direction of bettering the connections and internet for their products and usage. Intel is reportedly looking into adopting Wi-Fi 7 for its devices in the coming future. The plan leaves the rival behind that comes in the same league, and the major instance would be Apple which is on the verge of changing to Wi-Fi 6E for its devices in the near future.


However, the new Wi-Fi modules would not matter a lot if the service provider is not offering these services to all of its users.

Intel is looking to release Wi-Fi 7 for its devices

Intel is looking to introduce its Wi-Fi 7 transition by the year 2024.

As per the highlights made by ET News, it says that the latest Wi-Fi 7 transition is twice the speed of Wi-Fi 6E. The next-generation Wi-Fi module, which is going to be utilized for computers, will have the motive to bring Intel as its processor. This will soon get blessed with a significant connection for wireless internet.

The current focus of the world is on the Wi-Fi 6E for devices, whereas the Wi-Fi 7 is still a myth in this world, all the technology over the globe is not featuring the next-generation Wi-Fi connection.

However, the transition may occur in the next two years, and it will take a lot of effort for Intel to adopt this latest Wi-Fi feature to all, and over time passes, there may be ready and applicable devices offering Wi-Fi 7 connectivity.

Apple is Looking forward to Wi-Fi 6E Adoption.

On the contrary, a significant Intel rival, Apple, is only on the verge of transitioning to Wi-FI 6E for its devices. But as per MacRumors, it is long overdue for the Cupertino giant. Supposedly, the change is going to happen in the iPhone 13’s release, but the changes are not visualized in the 6E change. But, only features the latest Wi-Fi 6 that it brought for its devices.

Intel and Apple’s Competition

Apple and Intel were once brought together in launching the computers and computer-based chips together prior to the year 2020. The Cupertino giant used processors for its MacBook revealed that Intel manufactured. However, the entire plan was dropped when Apple focused on debuting its M1 Silicon processors, which changed a lot on their relationship with the semiconductor company.

Since then, Intel has focused on improving its technology, and all of its devices are then compared in order to visualize the betterment of the M-series products compared to Apple. A COMPUTEX 2021 presentation from Intel also talked about how MacBook computers are “not suitable for gaming,” and the devices of the company are not capable of taking significant processes with the chip.

Since then, there have been significant comparisons between Apple and Intel that look into their benchmark scores, with results bordering on Intel’s Arrow Lake design.

Intel is a direct competitor of Apple, and this new advancement would be a significant dispute for the Cupertino giant as both of them are not officially ready for a WiFi 7 transition like Intel. On the current basis, Apple is focusing on its change to WiFi 6E, and soon, the world will change to other WiFi connections that would be better than the current connectivity.

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