Intello Labs, an AgriTech Startup leverages AI tools

Intello Labs, an AgriTech Startup leverages AI tools 1

Intello Labs is an agritech startup that is leveraging AI tools that includes computer vision and deep learning, to raise a platform for classifying and quality monitoring of agricultural commodities. Intello Labs as a startup was founded back in 2016 by Milan Sharma, Nishant Mishra, Himani Shah and Devendra Chandani. These three calculating co-founders achieved their degrees together from IIT Bombay, while Devendra remains  MDI Gurgaon postgraduate.

The founding team of Intello Labs connects the diverse backgrounds and skill sets that comprises of data science (Milan), computer vision (Nishant), corporate strategy (Himani), and analytics (Devendra). Intello Labs earlier enhanced and grew the money tree from various angel of investors and participated in two accelerators namely, Indigram Labs and JioGenNext.

In regards with other known industries, the agriculture and food sectors have been left behind in terms of technology adoption and yet not kept pace with digitization. Therefore, Intello Labs’ image-based solutions that are handed over through smartphone apps, are now shouldering transparency and standardization to quality assessment, while minimizing the value risk and wastage in the agriculture supply chains.

The company is aiming to develop into the de-facto quality platform across agribusiness value chains for trading, procurement, grading, pricing, marketing, and traceability. Henceforth, Intello Labs have legitimised the use of these cases with pilot customers and is now spectating significant sales traction. Milan Sharma, CEO of Intello Labs, claimed, “This funding will help us strengthen our product and rapidly scale globally. We are excited to partner with the best possible combination of investors for us. Omnivore brings deep domain expertise and an incredible agribusiness network while Nexus brings unparalleled experience scaling Indian technology startups.”

Intello Labs is since a long time, functioning with several global food companies, and has now developed and enhanced the ready-to-use solutions for fruits, vegetables, and spices. With a smooth and clear image produced from a low cost smartphone, Intello’s AI can develop instantaneous quality metrics.

At the very beginning, the company requires to manage plans to concentrate on large enterprise clients, but eventually Intello Labs would only be offered as Software-as-a-Service to small businesses, traders, and farmers.

Following the mentioned deal, Mark Kahn, Managing Partner of Omnivore, stated, “For years, Omnivore has been searching for an agritech startup disrupting the opaque and subjective system of commodity grading in India, which hurts the entire value chain, especially farmers. Intello Labs will bring transparency and objectivity across agribusiness supply chains, helping farmers to capture the value they create.”

Puneet Kumar, Vice President, Nexus Venture Partners continued, stating, “Without the standardization and digitization of quality assessment of agricultural produce, e-Mandi and digital agriculture markets will remain a distant dream.

Intello Labs is revolutionizing quality assessment and grading for agricultural produce, utilizing technology advancements in AI and ML. Digital quality assessment coupled with pricing algorithms can prove to be game changing for farmers, commodity traders and large corporates in the years to come.”

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