Interaction with Ajay Kumar Goel On latest trends in App Development -Codestore Technologies.

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Interaction with Ajay Kumar Goel On latest trends in App Development -Codestore Technologies. 1

Ajay Kumar Goel, the CEO of Codestore Technologies, founded the company with a commitment to serving start-ups, SMES, and large-scale businesses, carving out a special niche.He has 11 years of professional experience, including more than seven years as the founder and co-founder of lean startups in a variety of industries. In order to reduce risks in an organization and align business value, Mr. Goel is also involved in consulting assignments, developing, managing, and promoting both global enterprise clients and startups.


What is the USP of  Codestore Technologies?

Having been in the business since 2015 and growing to a team from 5 members to 60+ members was only possible with the trust of our clients that we were able to accumulate through our quality of work and timely delivery. We want to let our prospective clients benefit from the knowledge that we gained by working with overseas clients for over 7 years and having a reliable offshore software development process in place for them. As we understand the pain points of start-ups in their search for quality talent at a reasonable cost. We have skills available across various technologies and work as a one stop shop for any web or mobile app development related requirements of our clients. We let the benefits of purchasing power parity pass on to our clients. As a result of which our clients find our cost very reasonable. We listen to our clients and let our work speak!

Data analytics & its growing influence in Indian real estate

Data analytics, which is regarded as a significant component in the industry, provides insights on business changes, research trends, etc. as well as innovative ways that companies may frequently neglect. It is a crucial concept for the company’s growth plan in today’s  industry. The real estate has been leaning more towards technology in terms of online property search, registration, and other services.

How effective will AR technology be in developing immersive applications?

AR improves the user experience by adding a digital layer on top of the physical world. Videos, photos, and 3D objects make up the digital layer or augmentation, which creates a naturally semi-immersive and visual experience for user engagement. AR has the incredible potential to revolutionize business by changing user lifestyles through captivating experiences.

How Chatbots in Healthcare Sector Help Patients in Maintaining Good Health

Chatbots have been designed to offer strong security while maintaining data privacy. Additionally, they handle data sorting, exchange, management, and interoperability while adhering to PHI and HIPAA regulations. The user interface (UI) is a crucial factor to take into account when creating these chatbots because they must accommodate patients of all patient levels.

SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS – Which is better for your business?

With SaaS, you get apps that are ready to use and satisfy a business need. The main goal is to give businesses a tool to boost performance or satisfy demand.Building apps is the main focus of PaaS in order to lessen the requirement for internal infrastructure. It is frequently referred to as an abridged form of IaaS. Most users of the service are small and medium-sized businesses and with IaaS, you may host complex applications with the greatest flexibility and scalability possible. Large-scale businesses are the main target audience for the service.

What Is Digital Transformation And What Are Its Benefits?

Digital transformation is the process through which firms integrate technologies into their operations to spur significant change.Businesses from all sectors benefit from digital transformation: It helps companies to update antiquated procedures, quicken effective workflows, bolster security, and boost revenue.

Web Apps vs Cloud Apps – Know The Difference And Benefits.

Depending on the business and its requirements, one should choose between a web app and a cloud app. As a firm grows and its servers fill up, it must decide whether to keep investing more hardware to handle user and customer demands as well as internal requirements, or to migrate to the cloud, pay the subscription fees, and be able to scale on demand. The danger of downtime being limited or nonexistent when an app is in the cloud is the second apparent benefit. A basic web app won’t work if internal servers have issues or if traffic gets too busy. The fact that disaster recovery is no longer a concern is an additional benefit.

What is the expansion plan of the company in the coming years

In the preceding several years, we were able to expand both in terms of size and revenue, at a rate of roughly 50% annually. Our goal is to grow at a run rate of up to 70% or 80% annually. By the end of 2023, we hope to have 200 or more young professionals working on our staff. We primarily function as a cross-platform full stack development company at the moment. We plan to strengthen our team’s competence in AI data science in the next few years, and less so in the quickly developing field of extractive data analysis.

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