Interaction with CEO of Talerang – Shveta Raina

Telarang is a recent project, which fills the gap of skill and employability. Shveta came up with the proprietary curriculum, which is entirely experiential, using technology and reach to every corner of the country and helping people of getting hired for a suitable job. 

USP of the Company:

What makes talerang differentiated from others is that

  • The company does not work upon the evaluation but also on value. 
  • “We believe that having an impact is more important”,-said Shveta Raina. 

At the end of the training, our student needs to be ready for a job. As a result, Talerang has a 99% approval rating, 90% placement rates and 400 corporate working partners like Godrej, Birla, Mahindra and more. 


It’s a nominee channel platform. They have web, app, live classes and assessments. Once you log on to the platform, you (customer) will be moved to the entire readiness journey. 

They provide training on:

  • Hard skills,
  • Brushing up the soft skills,
  • Preparing the CV,
  • Getting connected to the counsellors or mentors, 
  • Connecting to the company.

Here at Talerang, the entire career journey is taken care of.


  • In the covid pandemic period learning online was like a challenge for the world. But current GenZeal is so comfortable with the technology. They are happily learning online on any other learning platform. 


To explore the world, one needs to be skilled, interned, trained to develop. 

Work readiness is a combination of –

  • Knowing yourself, 
  • Focusing on extra curriculums, 
  • prepare yourself for the job, 
  • Mastering your occupation.

Contribution Of Actech Startups: 

Actech startups are doing great. Talerang is looking for 100 sales and marketing people in the next two weeks. In the matters of hiring their lots of stuff are approaching there. 

Talerang is building a mission-driven company, where each employee experience value and feels like a family with the company. 

Future Plans:

  • To give exposure to the student of any age,
  • Scaling the curriculum through app, content,
  • To work upon differentiated modules,
  • To expand in PAN India as well as beyond India,

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