Interaction with Chief Business Officer eSec Forte Technologies – Kunal Bajaj

The company originated from Delhi and currently has headquarters in Delhi, Srilanka and Singapore. The office setup exists in cities like Gurugram, Goa, Bangalore and Delhi. 


The three inebriated categories includes:

  • Assessment services, here we observe the environment (application, public interfaces, network devices, tools and so on),
  • Cyber forensic (forensic investigations, how to control the attack),
  • Working with solutions, we carry more than 30 professionals (services depo, value-added depo, distributors, and others).

Here, we always come across a question of what are the different layers of data security of different sectors. 

The environment affects the process. Rather than the sectors, it depends upon the ways of doing business. For instance,

Defence organisation works upon full-fledged air-based technology with zero interfaces, whereas if we move towards the banking sector, they prefer remote access to third setup organisation. 


 People with a negligent nature are affected by pegasus unknowingly. Secondly, there is an increasing demand to count or tackle things like pegasus. Also, there is a voice for those who have already breached and associated with pegasus.


The most effective way to attract the customer is to reach them with the work you do. The reach to the customers with word of mouth, customer education programmes can also be the ways to acquire. But here we follow the rule to reach by great work and facilities. 

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