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InstaSafe Technologies is a cloud-based security solutions provider that provides zero trust architecture based privileged access management solutions, as well as crowdsourced vulnerability discovery services to keep organizations secure.

Recognizing the lacunae in the traditional perimeter-based approach in the network security, InstaSafe has come up with its neoteric cyber security offering, InstaSafe Secure Access us based on the Zero Trust Network Access Framework, which shifts access controls from the perimeter4 to individual users and devices.

The company SDP based interface is hardware, a zero-configuration solution that accords granular level access control to the enterprise and is a highly effective, prudent and practical solution for any organization looking to strengthen its security architecture.

With the help of InstaSafe Secure Access, an enterprise can help to extend secured access to both the on-premise and remote users, with an assurance of uncompromising security. With the help of Secure Access Software Define Perimeter Architecture, the whole enterprise network is placed behind a dark cloud. Given that hackers cannot attack what they cannot see, enterprise networks come to be secured against an array of credible threats, which includes man in the middle attacks, server exploitation and credential thefts.

InstaSafe Secure Access API has been built to help enterprises replace the traditional and increasingly vulnerable network security solutions with a highly robust and secure security solution that focuses on the granular access control based on a need to know the model.

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