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Now a days, several government organizations and companies are putting more interest on how to improve health care system by using technologies like Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IOT (Internet Of Things), Cloud Computing and Machine Learning etc. During COVID situations these technologies really helped us to find the COVID patients and the hotspots. Government took a big initiative to develop ‘Arogya Setu’ app. By using this technology, a lot of patient’s blood samples are collected, stored in a database and analysed those samples to track the behaviour of the virus in the human body.

Big Data is not just a database, but it’s a technology to train the models by using the collected data. But collecting the data is a big task and accuracy needs to be maintained to get proper trained models. Several algorithms or models are available to track the human health for example, a sensor based ‘smart inhaler’ is useful for the patients as well as for the doctors to track the health condition accurately.

A huge amount of data collected is useful for the doctors to customize the treatment deliverable plan to each and individual patient. Now a days, Machine Learning techniques need big amount of data to train the algorithms and to find the solutions for a particular disease. It’s a great opportunity to use these technologies in the health care system to get the proper analysis of any new disease and respective medicine usage for a particular disease.

There are so many health care apps are available to track the patient’s health conditions like measuring blood pressure and personalized engagement models for pregnant women. So finally, data driven health care system is more accurate, cost effective and it can be affordable to poor people also to track their health condition regularly.

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