Interaction with Co-Founder/CEO of ADDA – Sangeeta Banerjee

Sangeeta Banerjee, founder of Adda App. Sangeeta Banerjee belongs to Kolkata, living in Bangalore, is an electrical engineer by profession, and completed her MS from the U.S. 

Keeping in mind an unsolved problem of managing residents who live in apartment complexes, San gave birth to a startup named ADDA, which was earlier called APARTMENT ADDA, with her co-partner  Venkat Kandaswamy.

The company came into existence 10 years back with the current 5 lakh users and more.  


 In casual adda meant to be “a hangout place.” So in combination with the community and a homily vibe, the app is named “ADDA.” 


If a person living in a community having an adda app can do any sort of thing related to the community like:

  • Connect with neighbours (no matter where you are),
  • Connect with association office,
  • Booking facility (club, pool, etc.),
  • Discover local services (cobbler, plumber, hospitality, etc)
  • Visitor or parcel notification. 

There is also a strong backend TRP (TAYLOR made for managing RESIDENTIAL complexes of any size), which is used by people who manage the community. It invokes:

  • Management community,
  • Apartment manager,
  • Apartment accountant,
  • The organization is managing the lump sum of all.


An apartment is a place where every person lives on their very own island. The app helps them to complete each of their tasks while in a place. The main focus of the team is upon the commitment they have made; the passion towards the work is the major game changer quality. 


  • The communities would be having automated gates and most probably AI gatekeeping facilities as well.
  • We are trying to behave like a soket where many organizations or firms can connect with.
  • We are integrating biometric attendance, automated gym gates, AMTR (automatic number plate readers). All such tasks collaborate with hardware tools. 

Written by Srikanth

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