Interaction with Co-founder & CEO Saransh Garg – Nova Benefits

In today’s scenario with increasing population we are lagging behind choosing the correct and reliable health insurance for ourselves.

In this discussion aniket from techie expert interviewing the nova benefits CEO Saransh.

So, Nova benefits is an platform which provides easy, reliable comparison among various health insurance providing companies along with their plans.we can also call them insurance broker or mediater between people and insurance companies.

 This platform has been certified by IRDAI.

This platform is free for all anyone can use it without paying a penny  no matter you are employee or CEO of any company who can easily access it’s features realtime peer to peer comparison with plans, settlement %, experience people felt, user rating, reviews and many more aspects. This platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning helping people in order to choose better value for money health insurance and also helps in predicting the future cost of health insurance plans. It is available for both iOS and Android operating system.

It has been in partnership with coin dcx, financial companies along with many more big, small start-ups.

Ceo of Nova benefits portrays the aim and story behind this start-up that one day he was in need of health insurance but after spending days he was confused and was unable to get good health insurance because nothing was transparent at that time.

So, after few months he along with his friend decided to start an start-up for this big and serious issue faced every other person.

So, therefore at last they came with their Nova benefits application which is just alot amazing and  alot helpfull for all. They also said that they are not charging any fees to their users using their application. Funding they are getting by the various health insurance companies.

So the nutshell is if you are the person looking and confused among various health insurance companies then you must watch this platform for transparent and user friendly experience.

Written by Srikanth

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