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Aiosell is a software product that composes software’s, automation tools expressly for the hospitality industry. Aiosell serves customers with various product categories by utilizing the client to generate customized rooms. It is an all-in-one solution for hospitality.


Siddhartha Goenka, founder, and CEO of The Aiosell Technology, said in an interview that company leads the chain of 15 hotels in Bengaluru, India. The purpose for the development of the technique is to work upon various misleading’s faced while using technology and advancement of AI, customization, automation in the hospitality industry.

Benefits of Aiosell:

Spread over: Aiosell provides technology that is consumed by numerous hotels. It doesn’t stop here but also administers software to around 200 hotels in more than 20 countries.

Booking system: Helps in the prior booking of the rooms over 200 hotels on a real-time basis.

Room allotment: The system naturally analyzes and thus helps in allotting the right room to the right person at the right time following a real-time smart AI-based algorithm.

Cloud system: It encompasses a fully cloud-based, easy to handle property management system that can be used by the client to keep a check overbooking of the rooms, assignments, check-in details, check-out detail, bill payments, and so on.

Channel manager: A distribution scheme, connects the PMS and RMS to all the existing OTA channels that inherit, Expedia,, bookAdvicer, Google. That helps in bringing real-time connectivity to the hotel.

Direct booking: The Aiosell is featured with the Direct Booking Channel, which is a website as well as an agent where customers can book the hotel rooms directly by online visitors.

Review system: To ensure great and successful service by the hoteliers, the Aiosell invokes the review and reputation management system. This keeps the stacks of all the ratings and reviews over all the channels by both public and direct.

Competition rate stopper: Tracks nearby competitive hotels and follows the algorithm to provide the best price break-up.

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