Interaction with co-founder Prasana Manogaran – Aqgromalin

Aqgomalin is a leading company with around 90K work partners in over four states (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka).  The name AQGROMALIN aroused from a deeper thought to promote farm life. Initially, the company was dealing in the export of onion, chilies and other habitats from the southern part of the country. It’s a combination of agriculture and aquaculture that hits diversification of farming. 


India covers a huge land for agriculture only. The vision behind the startup was to beat the basic infrastructure tradition. Here, at aqgromalin, we aggregate all the input providers and provide a digital platform and penetrate all the partners together. 


  • Availability of the input material,
  • Technical issues
  • Multi- linguistic
  • Least affected during the pandemic

The loopholes that blew the mind after entering the industry was –

  • It’s an adaptive field,
  • Large scope-scale industry

If we compare the farming skills of our country to the other in context to the technology, first of all, we have to analyse the landscape of the workplace, strategic overview, and climatic conditions. Eventually, if we publish cheaper techniques to the farmers, it will prove to be a pro for them. 

After all the thoughts and observations, the question arose: what is this technology all about?

The answer to it is: 

“It is a basic digitization through which the farmers interact with the other members and learn about digital avenues.” said Prasana.

It is well-known that the agriculture industry is a large-scale industry, and many people earn their livelihood from it. Apart from this, the youngsters and modern time are showing their interest in it and contributing at a higher pace as well. 

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