Interaction with Data Scientist Anirudh Kala – Celebal Technologies

The name Celebal stands for a Latin word that says “dream to achieve.” The name came into existence with the word “celeblita.”

The motivation behind the company is to run a niche consulting/ product company in Jaipur. They serve large consulting enterprises. The pilot product came out to be very much successful. 

There are certain revolutions that are taken care of-

Like, keeping the data in the country (PI’s marks) and access the data well defined, and there is a governance layer. Once meeting the criteria, you can go with both private and public cloud banks. 

“Public cloud will dominate the market for 1-2 decades due to service availability.”-said Anirudh Kala. 

  • Cloud is not anymore a luxury but a necessity. 
  • The market is now hitting a war of technology. 


The company grew from the seeds rather than taking over others.

  • We always need to understand the ecosystem and the cloud economy to improvise.
  • We offer them the right analytics or a cloud base offering coupled with the enterprises (banking, NDFC, insurance, retail, farming, manufacturing, etc.). 
  • We modernize financial analytics (sales orders, invoice status, cash flow.)
  • We run it with ARP, creating reports, organizing the cloud.


  • Celebal intends to go into space for the next 24 months in a vision to be self-beneficial.
  • Observe the market growth for the upcoming 18-20 months with the same velocity.
  • Being a strong Indian market, we strategize to continue the same. 


  • Rather than understanding the software/process, we can’t deal with it effectively. Here, the system understands what the customer actually needs and works accordingly. 
  • The company is going in the direction where conversation is the major paradigm of communication with the customers.
  • The Celebal’s are primarily working on voice-based operations, which resolves various hindrances of inconveniences. 

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