Interaction with founder Aditya Raj – Tooliqa

Tooliqa, founded by Aditya Raj, which revolutionized the world of computer vision. 

The vision motivates the conversion of facts and learning into 3-D factors. The name Tooliqa was inspired by a Sanskrit word called “Tooliqa”, which means”paint brush”. The thought aroused with creating new things and putting the thoughts in a directed mould. We analysed the problem first and twisted towards the resolution to it.

It also rephrases the word Tooliqa as Tools with IQ. 

Features of Tooliqa:

  • Instead of pendowning the designs or using ABOBE, RHINO and other featuring software, we at Tooliqa scan the image and convert.
  • It’s an early-age startup of deep-learning, deep-tech.
  • It’s a unique technology where things are scanned firstly, and with the help of a digital camera, the scanned environment gets converted into a 3-D image in real-time.
  • The research and development team of Tooliqa is going to construct the imagination into reality within the next 3-6 months.
  • It can be utilized by designers alike: interior designers, automobile designers, fashion designers and architects and many others.

Marketing strategies:

The product is a disrupted way to design things that make it different from any other object in the market. The company said that it’s at an early stage to work upon the marketing of the product as it has been hoping to launch on a merit basis. 

The company deployed machine learning, data science, and AI in the core. 

 Skill setting:

The best is working in the team to develop the object and upgrade the level. There are numerous specialists working upon it, including Doctorates in vision learning, Engineers embedded in laser science, photonics, and people with international master’s degrees in deep tech algorithms. 

“There were challenges in finding the right team and right combination of places but we made a move smoothly and zero covid has impacted us.”-said Aditya Raj.

Written by Srikanth

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