Interaction with founder Amit Gupta – GogoBus

Amit Gupta, founder of GogoBus. The ribbon was cut 18 months ago. It’s a space working towards democratizing the access of technology laying on the single strap and giving bus services to the consumers.

Gogobus is creating an ecosystem for consumers and operators of bus space across India.


The name originated with the thought of getting quick bus services with great effects. 

GogoBus stands for “Get on and Go”.

The long-distance routes that are covered by the service providers are:

  • Delhi to Indore.
  • Bangalore to Chennai.
  • Tiruvanthampuram to Chennai.


The passenger need not worry about several points while traveling which in general are faced. Some tackling issues involve:

  • Queueing, 
  • Traveling safety, 
  • Convenience to port, 
  • Cash payments, 
  • Seat availability,
  • Hygiene,
  • Real-time servicing,
  • Single interface for every route.

Digital penetration has now changed the traditional system of catching the buses at their route points. In an India-like country, it is always required to follow reactive mechanism action to be proactive in real-time. 

The company exists in the eastern part of the country and is now planning to expand in the Northern as well as Southern parts.

The company is generously working upon mobility on-time servicing. 


The unique selling property of the services are in three categories:

  • Curated buses,
  • Connected buses (the buses can be tracked by the application) and
  • Democratizing access of technology not only from the consumer side but also from the operator side 


“There is a huge amount of scope in digitization in every business, youngsters must work upon how you can produce a system to solve problems faced by the people.” Said Amit Gupta. 

The ending words to an interview says that India is a lifeline, here if a person wants to travel by bus he/she has to visit the bus stop first to check the availability of the bus but, by this software, we can check the liveliness of buses while sitting at our homes. This motivates consumers to prioritize the usage of such platforms. 

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