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LocaGlobe helps startups to grow. The company, LocaGlobe, was founded by Atul Mathur, who has been working in a digital market agency for the past 12 years. 

The company can be defined as a 360-degree marketing firm supporting the US and UK. 

The kick is given to-

  • BB commerce startups,
  • Health care startups,
  • Logistics and many more others as well.


In 2010 in Mumbai, India, Atul Mathur realized the small startups did not have mentors to understand their real challenges.

 He observed most of the startups in the country don’t survive due to the lack of funds, so by interacting with a group of people, he decided to help them in educating them about marketing space, the market platform they can follow, and logistics they can opt for. 


As far as the promoting platform is concerned, the company prefers to choose two platforms, i.e.,

  • Social media promotions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) as well as
  • Google advertisements.

To promote the startups, the company follows a word-of-mouth process rather than choosing other aspects.


The company was very much inspired by the zeal of the entrepreneurs. By the ideas, the founder was inspired to accept the challenge of selling the products. The reason behind arousing the challenges was the monopoly of the product we launched in the market. 


The company analyses the hindrances faced by the founders of the startups. LocaGlobe works as providing-

  • Device customized marketing,
  • Target audience,
  • Email marketing,
  • Google ads,
  • 360-degree digital solutions based upon the needs.


About 80% of the clients belong to the e-commerce industry. Thus, due to pandemic arrival, the logistics were affected madly. To recover from such a broken neck, the company, along with the employees, learned the facts and course of action. 

To survive, the company ran an offer that allows the customers to pay upfront during the pandemic, and while afterward will get an additional percentage of discount on the products. And once the logistics get started, they will get their product delivered to their address place. 

Online advertising was also an impactful challenge that was faced as Facebook ads were playing a negative role in it. 

“Looking at your product, problem solving is the main chain to follow while you are starting up a wholesome business.”- said Atul Mathur. 

“Choose your customer either it’s a men/women, age of the customer or either they will appreciate the product or not, what kind of audience you deal with, targeted place (tier 1 city, tier 2 city)”.said Atul Mathur to entrepreneurs to keep in mind before startup initiations. 

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