Interaction with founder Meet Shah – Craftezy

Craftezy, is founded by Meet Shah in 2020, it is a saviour of the heritage of India. Craftezy promotes Indian art and culture in the international market. It’s a privileged and must supported platform to be followed by every citizen of the country.

Craftezy is a B2B marketplace where you find handcrafted products. It prints a mark as it deals with both national and international market dealers. It would be a narrow thought to take it as a small port, as it includes almost everything i,e, 

  • Logistics,
  • Data analytics,
  • Stack logins,
  • Sales marketing, and so on.

They are eyeing each and every moment of the product, from manufacturing to the delivery of the product and provide with a dedicated catalogue to their suppliers to make it more marketable, logistics services, detailed data analytics for price measurement breakup. It doesn’t stop here but, they also consider the buyer’s issues and have a block dealing in. 

Craftezy is inspired by rural artists and their hard work and uniqueness in their artistry. 

As per research, it is obtained that the handicraft industry is the second-highest industry after agriculture, where many organisations are associated with a single type of work.  

Initially, it was a big challenge to start the business in the pandemic but, it is always said that hard work pays and response by suppliers played a vital role in it, and it took a lot to stand in the market.

They opted to handpick the digital platform rather than the traditional market due to a reason behind it. It provides a better platter to showcase the product at a larger level.

To answer the question of why we lack in the market to boost our business is: “Identify the problem, the market is never a problem. It’s all about finding the right tangles, doing the right things, working upon smaller things and that is how you are going to find the local exposure to it.”- said Meet Shah.

 In support of handmade items and handicrafts, the best online global platforms are:

  • Etsy
  • CraftsVilla
  • The Indian handicraft house
  • Kalara
  • Qtrove

Written by Srikanth

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