Interaction with founder Rohan Verma – Breathe Wellbeing

Rohan Verma, Founder and CEO of the company. The founder, along with a co-founder in San Francisco, spun the time learning about things. The company, Breathe Wellbeing is all about preventing, managing, and reversing Type2 Diabetes. Type to diabetes is a phonetic disease, plugging the nation. The company deals with the patients who suffer the disease by helping to control the blood control, reducing HbA1c with the help of online clinical programmes.


Breath is the atom of all sorts of wellbeing. Focusing on the breath is the backstory of the name BreatheWellBeing. With the contribution of the co-founder Aditya, the name was stamped. 

 The simplicity in the approach is how the company is helping people in reversing the effects of the disease. 

  • The company sets their own breathe health coach academy where the nutritions, experts, doctor staff works live with the users (patients).
  • Community health approach holds the hand to the worldwide configuration of the problem of the patients.
  • Psychological transformation works on the users as they get motivated to see the results of other people. 

The Outlining:

  • BreatheWellBeing is planning to deepen its expertise.
  • They are working towards expanding the academy they own.
  • Planning to invest in the technical platform.
  • Broadcasting the team is mission-driven.


  • Distance-gap, not being able to connect with the co-founders or teammates, was the biggest problem faced during the global pandemic. 
  • Hiring the staff and choosing the right one was the second biggest challenge faced.


  • Simplicity, keeping the thoughts and views simple while delivering, is the most prompt thing. 
  • Growing, committing to growth every single day and month means embracing discomfort.
  • Talk, talk to the issues so that the right advice could be served.

“The company is tackling the deadliest disease known to mankind by creating a highly engaging program that leads to behavioural change,” said Rohan Verma.

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