Interaction with Founders of peAR Technologies – Dharmin, Dhruvesh

An app that is found to be crazy and interesting at the same time. The app works on a project to showcase the food in 3-d. 

Dharmin (food blogger) and Parth are the founders of the application.

Pair the food is Asia’s first app that deals with 3-D menu applications, which exists in Mumbai, India. 

Currently, they run approx 1000 restaurants in Mumbai itself and plan to hit Gurugram as well soon with 40 food zones initially. Not only this, the company is planning to expand the business in Pune and Bangalore as well. 

Detailed info:

In a traditional pattern, while ordering food in a hotel, customers first have to go through the menu card before ordering. 

Through this application, a person can visualize the entire detail of any dish. The details include:

  • Dishes availability(3-D augmentation),
  • Ingredients of the dish,
  • Price cost of the product,
  • Quantity of the food,
  • Presentation of the food,
  • Special offers (ordering on scanning QR code).

With the fact, people want to know and visualize whatever they are ordering. This app. Proved to be a helping hand to them. Featuring a completely contactless application.

As it includes-

  • QR code scanning,
  • epayments.


The company came into existence with an idea post facing challenges in the hotel visit. They are building an augmented reality engine where there is a code that takes power to the app.   


Pair the Food has already risen about 1/2M dollars from some of the most prominent investors of India. Investor’s like-

  • CFO BookMyShow,
  • CFOO HulaCab,
  • Hotstar and many more.


  • Neighbouring restaurants get attracted more into it,
  • Irrelevant paper menu mismatch. 

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