Interaction with Jozef de Vries SVP of EnterpriseDB

Interaction with Jozef de Vries- EnterpriseDB

Enterprise DB, helps organizations get the most out of PostgreSQL. Nearly 1,500 customers worldwide have chosen EDB software, services, and support. Their offices worldwide enable us to deploy our global expertise locally and support our customers more efficiently. The EDB team features more PostgreSQL contributors than any other company.

Please brief about EnterpriseDB and its service.

Postgres is the most transformative open source technology since Linux, and EDB is the leading contributor to Postgres. Our Postgres solutions are designed to help enterprises build new modern applications and help dislodge and replace legacy database incumbents to make Postgres the preeminent standard. 

With more than 300 dedicated developers, and more than 30 percent of Postgres code contributions, EDB is the leading source of innovation in this technology. Our fifty consecutive quarters of growth are proof of the enduring value that Postgres delivers for enterprises. 

From Postgres in self-managed environments to fully-managed database-as-a-service, EDB delivers our customers the most complete and robust Postgres solutions in the industry. This has resulted in Postgres becoming the most prolifically deployed database in modern data architectures. Developers pick Postgres more than any other database for its technical superiority compared to legacy and proprietary systems.

How do you define your brand in terms of technology?

It starts and ends with technology. EDB is the heartbeat of Postgres; continuously making Postgres extraordinary is our singular mission—not just for today but also for the long term.

Alongside a robust independent open source community, we have made Postgres an extraordinary database, superior to legacy proprietary databases and more universally applicable for developers than specialty databases.  

Open source mandates, flexible deployment options, risk mitigation and strong security will drive much broader adoption of Postgres this year and next. EDB supports this with built-in Oracle migration capabilities, geo-distributed active-active support, unmatched Postgres expertise and 24/7 global technical support. We uniquely empower enterprises to accelerate strategies, move applications to the cloud and build new applications on Postgres. 

Please talk about your latest product and solution.

As the leading provider of Oracle compatibility and migration capabilities for Postgres, EDB’s significant development and contributions to PostgreSQL® 15 include the introduction of the MERGE SQL command, which makes it easier for enterprises to migrate from expensive, legacy databases to open source. Postgres 15 also features improved database security, enhanced backup and recovery options, and advanced logical replication capabilities.

Postgres 15 will be available on October 20 as beta on EDB BigAnimal™, EDB’s enterprise-grade fully managed database-as-a-service. As one of the first vendors to offer this on a cloud service, EDB enables enterprises globally to deploy in their choice of public cloud backed by the Postgres experts. EDB BigAnimal™ includes all of the benefits of a managed service such as automatic backups, patching of the OS and the database, management and monitoring, encryption in transit and encryption at rest, activity logs, and key compliance certifications, including SOC2 Type II. 

Please share your insights on the future of database management; Cloud DBaaS

The enhanced capabilities and potential cost savings of adopting a cloud-centric, open source approach to database management systems is critical to thrive in today’s business landscape. We can expect to see fully managed databases in the cloud, known as Database-as-a-service (DBaaS), to become the norm in the next few years. Research firm MarketsandMarkets projects the DBaaS market will be worth $24.8 billion by 2025 (up from just $12 billion in 2020), signaling a continuous upward trend in adoption.

Additionally, Gartner predicts that 75% of global databases will be on the cloud by the end of this year. While we think that’s an aggressive number, we do believe that most enterprises will at least move to a hybrid cloud environment, meaning that in the short term, some applications remain on premises, while new applications are built in the cloud.

Who are your competitors and how do you differentiate EnterpriseDB from your competitors?

EDB Postgres outperforms other databases, in the most critical contexts including technical performance flexibility and applicability across the broadest number of enterprise workloads and value. Open source is at the heart of this. 

Proprietary legacy databases like Oracle still account for approximately $40 billion of the market but are no longer holistically competitive to Postgres and they cost enterprises unjustifiable amounts of money. EDB Postgres solutions give enterprises extraordinary ROI, the most essential element of transformation initiatives. 

New cloud vendors, who are at their core are data center infrastructure and hardware experts, have jumped into the software business, which now includes Postgres. However, these vendors are not database specialists or experts—which costs them in the eyes of enterprises. Lack of expertise in Postgres, coupled with new walled gardens that prevent hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, are their two biggest weaknesses. Specialty NoSQL databases are best suited for narrow use cases, making them less reliable and ill-equipped to handle the heavy workloads of the more complex enterprise applications. Additionally, in almost every instance these specialty databases are either proprietary or open source projects that are captive to a single company, thus their future potential is limited. 

Postgres is a true open source database, governed by an independent and robust global community. With EDB, the power of Postgres is significantly enhanced to deliver unmatched flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. 

How is hybrid cloud transforming enterprise?

Operating in a hybrid environment is no longer an experiment. The hybrid cloud has become a strategic decision for enterprises that run mission critical applications. As on premises opportunities decline, the availability of a hybrid solution has become a driving decision point for customers in choice of public cloud implementations. 

We are seeing a strong emphasis on BFSI and public sectors in particular opt for a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy. UBS, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo and HSBC to name a few. 

How do you see the Indian market? What is your GTM strategy?

From the beginning, EDB’s primary focus has been building an innovation ecosystem around Postgres. We achieve this by enabling partners, providing training and consulting to customers, and helping organizations in India adopt Postgres as their enterprise database standard. EDB currently supports over 150+ customers in India with a very strong emphasis on BFSI and telecom, and we also work closely with the Central and State governments in implementing and supporting them on citizen-centric applications.

EDB has established itself as one of India’s largest development and support centers globally. Our objective is to continue to build and leverage the larger community and ecosystem around Postgres so that our customers can accelerate their Postgres and business transformation without limits. We plan to continue expanding our engineering and service capabilities, particularly with respect to our cloud-based technologies, while supporting all functions of EDB’s backend support and technology functionality.

Please share your future plans and how do you plan to pursue them?

EDB is committed to remaining the largest contributor to Postgres. EDB recently announced a majority growth investment from Bain Capital Private Equity, while Great Hill Partners, which acquired EDB in 2019, will also remain a significant shareholder.

This substantial investment validates the enormous power of Postgres, accelerates EDB’s engineering and service capabilities globally, and enables us to expand our Cloud-based technologies.

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