Interaction with MD, Chairman of Synergy Environics – Ajay Poddar

Synergy is all about protecting and addressing the health of people. The company deals with environmental energy from ground, atmosphere, man-made, natural and make people habitual to sync with these factors. 

With the same thought, the name (SYNERGY – SYNC WITH ENERGY) has taken birth. 


The company is providing products and services which are helpful in releasing stress and great the immunity from the negative ground/digital energies (electro smoke) without acting the role of navigator between tech and human. 

We have also developed certain products that can take care of bacteria and viruses among people like: 

  • Gadget disinfectant,
  • Immunity boosters.  


  • We at Synergy spend a lot of time on the testing of the product with the reputed organisation of the nation and also international. Once the product is approved pure, then only it is sent to the market. 
  • We engage with the customers, by this, we deal not only with the services but also try to have a feedback of the product.
  • After the arrival of covid-19, we suffered a lot as well, but video referencing, demonstrations, providing details of the product was the only handed thing to walk upon. 


The company is planning to do a lot in the market. By using differentiated skills and techniques, new launchings are taking place. 

The product in which the company deals are:

  • EnviroChip
  • EnviroGlobe- takes care of electrosmog of around 300sq ft. 
  • Gadget Disinfectant
  • EnviroCare


Taking care of the employees is the major tool to increase the performance and effectiveness of the products as well. 

If we talk about certain severe strategies, then it would be counted as more PR, more digital outreach, educating customers about the products. 

“Use technology but don’t use it mindlessly, use it smartly by protecting yourself from their bad effects, don’t be glued to your devices, be aware of facts”,- said Ajay Poddar.

Written by Srikanth

Passionate Tech Blogger on Emerging Technologies, which brings revolutionary changes to the People life.., Interested to explore latest Gadgets, Saas Programs

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