Interaction with Optoma Corporation India Country Head – Vijay Sharma

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Interaction with Optoma Corporation India Country Head - Vijay Sharma 1
  • What are some of the latest products that Optoma India has launched in the market and who should buy them?

Optoma has launched a new line of projectors that consumes half the power as compared to the traditional lamp-based projectors and help in decreasing carbon footprint for brand in long-term. These are equipped with laser technology and has improved power conversion efficiency. Optoma’s new range of projectors ZX350e, ZW350e, ZH350, AZX360ST, AZW360ST & AZH360ST have been designed keeping in mind environmental friendliness. For home cinema aficionados and gamers we have launched GT2160HDR, with 4K UHD resolution and supports a 240Hz refresh rate and extremely low input lag of 4ms making it ideal for todays’ entertainment center This projector is also India’s first short throw 4K UHD projector.

  • What type of assistance does Optoma India offer its clients in terms of post-purchase support?

After sales service is an integral part for every business to be successful in a competitive market and we at Optoma try to give world class after sales services to our customers. Being the leading projector company in the market, we emphasize on after sales service for customer retention and repeat purchase.

The customer gets on site customer service for 3 or 2 years depending upon type of product. The dedicated service is operational on all weekdays and the customers can reach out on email or direct number with is widely published and is available with our channel partners. Optoma has a track record to provide top of the line after-sales service to its customers.

Our customer service representatives are available across India to take care of any concerns. The warranty on Optoma projectors range from 3/2 years depending on the product. Brand’s service engineers are well versed with a variety of training and certification programs to ensure best of the delivery at every touch point.

  • How does Optoma India make sure that its products are trustworthy and of high quality? 

Optoma is a well-established company that is known for producing high-quality products and providing excellent customer service. They have a number of strategies in place to ensure customer satisfaction through their products and services.

Optoma places a strong emphasis on quality control, ensuring that all products are thoroughly tested and meet strict standards before they are released to the market. This helps to reduce the likelihood of defects and issues arising with the products. Optoma offers a variety of warranties and support options for their products, including repair and replacement services.

we also have dedicated customer service teams that are available to assist customers with any issues or concerns they may have. we constantly strives to improve and innovate our products, taking customer feedback into account in the development process.

The consumer research and surveys are helpful to understand what customers want and need from their products, and we use this information to improve and innovate. We havehas a strong online presence and use these resources such as community forums and social media to redress the problem and feedbacks.

  • Could you name a few companies or sectors that have profited from adopting Optoma’s products?

Optoma was leader in introducing 4K UHD and UHD products in home cinema market worldwide. The brand launched world’s first laser Smart TV projector in 2019, these all products were greatly beneficial in giving consumers content and product to enjoy movies, games like never before.

In year 2022 we have launched green projectors offering considerable long-term savings and environment friendly material, these projectors consumes almost 47% less energy and have low carbon foot print, making them ideal for commercial and academic sectors.

  • How does Optoma India stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the projector industry?

Participation in various forums, exhibitions, and webinars are just some of the examples where interaction with industry peer group happens. Strong relationship with channel partners is vital and is another source of information where our partners share their views about the best industry practices and innovations on a regular basis with us.

We have strong online presence through traditional medium like website, customer care dedicated page and latest mediums like social, tech forums, seminars, conferences, this gives us the feedback and input what improvement customers want in existing product and new features and technologies in upcoming ones.

  •  How does Optoma India want to contribute to the future of the projector industry? What is Optoma India’s vision for it?

We are committed to offer the latest technology based visual products and projectors in the Indian market which is a very important market for us. Therefore, the introduction of Laser Technology for projection to every section is our primary goal. The laser technology offers lengthy lifespans of between 4,000 and 20,000 hours and it is easy to maintain having fewer outages throughout the course of the product’s lifetime. We offer the best quality innovative products in India to tap the real potential this market possesses.

Our present priority is to introduce Laser Technology for projection to every segment. Not only does it provide products with increased lifespan of projector lamp from 4,000 to 20,000 hours, but it is also simple to maintain and has less outages during the course of the product’s lifetime. Compared to lamp-based projectors, its colour reproduction capabilities are greater.

In the next 18 months, we want to have up to 80% of our product line-up to be having laser light source. The move from projectors with lesser resolutions to 4K and 4K UHD models, which produce images with resolutions of 4096 x 2160 and 3840 x 2160 respectively, is another technology we are concentrating on. These projectors create detailed images that enable a cinematic and interesting experience. As mentioned earlier we are also focusing on environment-friendly products being a responsible brand in Industry.

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