Interaction with Pushkar Verma, CEO of Cloud Wizard

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Interaction with Pushkar Verma, CEO of Cloud Wizard 1
  • How will cloud technology be a game changer for small and medium businesses?

For Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), cloud computing is changing the game by providing scalable infrastructure and capabilities that are offered as services. Cloud is a change in how IT is consumed and delivered with the intention of making complexity management simpler. By offering flexible, affordable access to technology and information, cloud models are delivering on their promise to help businesses work more intelligently.


A new resource-based business approach is made possible by cloud computing. It enables organizations to create and use IT and business services on-demand from optimal sources to maximize utilization and cost-effectiveness. Through the exchange of services, cloud computing enables enterprises to think and operate outside of the “four walls” of the firm which allow them to work faster.

  • How has the future of internet technology changed as a result of cloud technology’s goal of bridging the IT skill gap?

Cloud computing is the way of the future of computing when it comes to the internet. Since the emergence of cloud computing, companies have had access to innovative, powerful technologies that require little up-front investment and yield great returns.

Cloud computing has already shown its value for many enterprises with its extensive scope and scalable infrastructure.Due to the widespread adoption of cloud technology by businesses, it is crucial to have strong cloud computing skills. After the pandemic, the trend of cloud computing gained significant traction. AWS Training and Certification launches highly interactive, challenge-based digital training to help both individuals and organizations improve their cloud skills.

  • How has cloud technology become more flexible and scalable than ever?

When scalable IT resources are delivered via the Internet rather than being hosted and operated locally, this is the most popular definition of the phrase “cloud computing.” Cloud computing enables your company to respond to business needs more quickly while driving greater operational efficiencies.

Cloud computing has a significant influence on how businesses think. With cloud computing, your staff members may be more adaptable both within and outside of the office. Employees can access files using web-enabled devices such as cellphones, laptops and notebooks.

Document and other file sharing over the Internet at the same time can facilitate both internal and external cooperation. Cloud computing makes it possible to employ mobile technology in this way. Cloud computing enables your company to easily scale up or down its IT needs as needed. This will allow you to support your company’s growth without having to make costly changes to your existing IT systems.

  • Could you please express your opinion on the state of the cloud industry today?

There is absolutely no doubt that cloud computing is going to be the booming sector in the coming days. Cloud computing is an exciting development in today’s education system. Today, the word cloud computing is an essential terminology in the IT world and has been applied in different sectors including the educational sector.

Cloud computing can be defined as the use of virtual resources that are highly scalable and can be shared by different and diverse users.The popularity of cloud computing is growing day by day. Many organizations are adopting cloud computing due to its numerous benefits. If cloud computing is adopted in the firm, the need to employ highly qualified personnel in the IT department is reduced.

The learning needs of students in the current generation are quite different from those of the past generations. As a result of the changing times, students in the current generation prefer the use of technology and its various applications. Cloud computing provides students with fast access to core course materials and connects them with one another

 By – Mr.Pushkar Verma , Director and CEO of Cloud Wizard

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