Interaction with Sanjay Sehgal CEO of MSys Technologies

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Interaction with Sanjay Sehgal CEO of MSys Technologies 1

  1. Brief introduction about the founders

I (Sanjay Sehgal) founded MSys Technologies in 2007 with a vision to help product engineering firms achieve operational excellence and time-to-market success. Ours is a global services firm that provides engineering services and solutions to product engineering firms.

I have spent more than three decades in the workforce and understand the intricacies of working in the engineering services industry. Through working extensively in the domain, we have achieved excellence in looking beyond the status quo and identifying new opportunities for our clients. With the collective efforts of our top leadership team and employees, MSys today is constantly expanding its footprints and is counted among the leading service provider of product engineering services worldwide. In sum, the joint efforts, rigour, and unwavering commitment have made MSys the top choice for engineering services, and we will continue to lead the company in this direction.

  1. With what mission or purpose the company was launched?

MSys Technologies was established with a vision to maximize the value enterprises & ISVs get out of their products throughout their entire lifecycle. We are driven by a vital purpose to architect a roadmap for scientific, data-intelligent, yet intuitive, and design-led end-to-end product engineering services for customers to accentuate their product ideas for a winning edge.

Today, we serve clients across the globe, including top Fortune 100 companies, and have offices in the USA, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Australia.  We co-create innovative solutions with our clients, which involves building and modernizing their tech stack and scaling the product adoption curve. Our unique, high-quality solutions empower clients to get to their goals faster.

Our product engineering teams with proven experience passionately fine-tune all steps of PDLC. We employ an agile, lean startup approach and Scrum framework to build great digital products that add value to businesses.

  1. How does MSys Technologies help ISVs and enterprises?

We have been a reliable partner for product engineering services and digital transformation projects for serving prodigious enterprises and ISVs across the globe, including Silicon Valley. We have created easily scalable, efficient, and robust software products that offer highly secure, flexible, and user-friendly services to minimize product adoption trajectories for our clients.

Our experience designing, developing and managing modern distributed systems and complex ecosystem integrations with open-source, proprietary, cloud-native, and containerized technology gives our clients an optimum return on investment (ROI).  Our broad technology portfolio includes AI, ML, and blockchain competencies that endow your products with more advanced functionality. Our outcome-based competitive pricing model assures our clients of the maximum value for their money.

  1. How does MSys provide customer experience through Transformative Business Solutions?

MSys continuously optimizes CX value delivery models through its end-to-end product engineering services to accelerate, modernize and transform your business outcomes with better insights and data-driven decision-making. Our augmented value creation and resolute success frameworks have helped us win and retain prodigious and loyal clientele. Our CX and Transformation value proposition revolves around

  • Strategic Product Advisory Services
  • End-to-end Product Engineering Services
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Next-generation Digital and Business Transformation Services

Our impeccable combination of services and frameworks is helping clients to unleash the power of the cutting-edge tech revolution to architect perennial revenue streams and deliver a seamless and omnichannel customer experience.

  1. What domains is your company focused on?

We are specifically focused on Storage, FinTech, Digital Transformation, Cloud Engineering, and DevOps as pivotal domains to offer our services to target markets. The powerful convergence of these verticals under MSys roof established us as the ultimate one-stop shop for best-in-class, end-to-end product engineering services – enabling clients to champion their business needs.

  • Storage – We offer end-to-end storage engineering services like storage area networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS), data protection, big data, and cloud storage solutions.
  • FinTech – MSys delivers innovative solutions for payments processing, wealth management, and capital markets.
  • Digital Transformation – MSys helps organizations to adopt disruptive technologies like mobile, social, big data, and cloud to create new revenue streams and improve operational efficiency.
  • DevOps – Our DevOps services assist you in operationalizing, orchestrating, and optimizing various processes across various environments by automating CI/CD pipelines, toolchains, and human resources.
  • Cloud Engineering and DevOps – MSys helps clients design, build and operate cloud-native applications and platforms.
  1. What kind of technology do you work on?

We are an end-to-end product engineering company specializing in a product suite consisting of distributed platforms, containerized runtimes, and open-source software with cloud-native operating models, cloud, and diverse infrastructure environments. We design, develop and manage best-in-class modern distributed systems and complex ecosystem integrations with open source, proprietary, cloud-native, and containerized technology expertise and offer an outcome-based competitive pricing model.

Our experience spans prodigious enterprises, ISVs, startups & Fortune 100 companies. We are a technology-heavy company proficiently deploying our AI/ML competencies in ways aligned with customers’ business strategies to design and deploy world-class solutions and make them work.

  1. What changes in dynamics have been noticed by you in the Indian market of Artificial learning and Machine learning?

The Indian market is positively sentimentalized towards Artificial learning and Machine learning. The market is snowballing, with the International Data Corporation predicting it will reach 7.8$ billion by 2025.  This growth is due to businesses’ increasing adoption of AI technologies across all industries – especially education, healthcare, and agriculture. Simultaneously, there is a lot of innovation happening in the field of AI. Startups are leveraging artificial intelligence technologies like NLP, computer vision, ML, and DL to create innovative products and services. These innovations have accelerated in the wake of the new normal post-COVID-19, owing to the proliferation of digital transformation, immersive and augmented realities, blockchain technologies, and Web3. Moreover, the cost of implementing AI solutions has declined, leading to an increase in adoption rates which is likely to continue.

  1. What kind of expansion do you anticipate in the coming years?

Our core areas of focus in coming years will be innovation, a more robust business framework and delivering state-of-the-art customer experiences to grow organically besides exploring expansion opportunities through mergers and acquisitions.

We aim to fast-track growth with strategic partnerships (like Google Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Amazon) fueling new product development, especially for FinTech and Digital Transformation. We are also eyeing stronger brand positioning by scaling marketing endeavours. In addition, the strategic organic growth for the enterprise will be driven by next-gen technologies like Cloud-Native, AI/ML, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, Automation, and UX/UI that will be used for delivering phenomenal customer experiences.

  1. Can you tell us about your future plans for growth? Do you intend to broaden your current service offering?

We have numerous ambitious plans for future growth and expansion. Keeping abreast with the trends in the product engineering outsourcing market and the expectations of our clients, we are expanding on our

  • Global Development Centers (and supply chains) and
  • End-to-end FinTech Product Engineering services, including
    • AI-Powered Scalable Bot Frameworks,
    • Blockchain Loyalty Platform Accelerator,
    • Payments, Digital Wallets, and Apps,
    • Loyalty Solutions,
    • Digital Transformation,
    • SaaS Engineering,
    • Cybersecurity Services and
    • RegTech

We envision our Global Development Centers to serve as intelligent and progressive benchmarks for modern outsourcing, serving as one-stop, cost-optimized centres for companies looking to outsource their end-to-end product engineering requirements.  Our winning-edge FinTech services spectrum draws better customer affinity by overcoming regulatory compliance hurdles, managing risk, and improving operational efficiency. Our engineers, like always, will bring the domain expertise to deliver UX and CX-optimized services that exceed customers’ expectations.

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