Interaction with Vinay Agrrawal, Founder of Hubbler

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Interaction with Vinay Agrrawal, Founder of Hubbler 1

What is the problem Hubbler solves

Hubbler is a DIY platform that enables organizations to build applications without writing a single line of code. Users can create an app overnight with just drag and drop tools. The organisation was founded in 2016 by me and is headquartered in Bangalore.


If we see, many businesses need applications to run their complex activities and for that they need resources and tech teams. With the help of no code platforms, it enables every employee to become a citizen developer without requiring additional resources and coding language. 

Background of founders

I started Bangalore based Unicel Technologies  in 2013 with Rs 1 lakh from my savings. It helped companies to communicate by using SMS, voice, e-mail and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), an interactive mobile chat facility. During the Unicel journey, I had to wade through many challenges and I spent considerable time and money to manage the chaos and to solve this problem using technology and innovation. 

After dealing with many challenges made me realize that I have a different goal to achieve. The founder’s necessity being the mother of his innovation, my  purpose ascended from managing a  now established startup , to building a no code platform that would help entrepreneurs like me in the future to have a smoother start. There the idea of Hubbler floats in, embarking me on a new, much needed direction.

In 2015, Unicel got acquired by mGage India Pvt Ltd. to bolster its presence in India’s enterprise mobile marketing in a deal that was reported widely. With this deal, I decided to take an exit from Unicel and followed my dream. 

With the mission of Hubbler being A problem solver and a chaos soother, streamlining internal processes of growing organisations, capitalizing on technology and innovation, I  created a team who who could  play a pivotal role in creating Hubbler-a one stop shop for DIY, Plug & Play, App creation – a platform that can digitize a business process into a mobile and web application in 15 minutes without writing a single line of code.

what mobile platforms Hubbler supports

Hubbler, a holistic platform for configuring business applications without the use of code. Platform agnostic, Hubbler is accessible on Android, iOS & Web. 

Where INDIA stands w.r.t to Mobile App development?

Directly proportional to the great shift of the country to mobile usage, the Mobile app development would get a buoyant push from the mobile users. Greater the functionality of the mobile, the greater the demand of the Mobile app development sector.

Insights on the technologies Hubbler uses ?

We have built a proprietary system that not only generates the user interface but also a backend database and business middleware with just a click of the button. Our core tech platform is written in python while the user interface uses SWIFT on iOS, Kotlin on Android and JS on Web.

USP of Hubbler

 Capture. Innovate- Build around accelerating business transformation strategy rather than capturing just the workflows.

Super APP Concept: Hubbler is designed to reduce the number of applications that a business user needs to interact with. Not only can one fork a new application on Hubbler as needed but also connect their legacy systems to Hubbler and interact with it using Hubbler as an interface.

·  Device Agnostic: Deliver applications natively to Android, iOS and Web. 

·   40+ Intelligent Hubbles: Hubbler are configurable microservice based components that help build truly vertical/function agnostic applications and change them on the fly. 

· Connect & Engage: Create and track organization goals. Reward people and celebrate success 


We have been running on our own seed fund of $2mn so far, and are now in talks with various investors for raising our first external round. This fund will help us drive our global growth and expansion plans.

Future plans

With our proven platform capabilities, we are all set to go global (North America, Europe & Middle-East) by Q4 this year and we are raising our first round of funding now, to facilitate this. Simultaneously, we will work hard to onboard 10k+ creators and partners in the Hubbler ecosystem. This will make our journey easier to acquire a million+ users by 2022. We are aggressively chasing the goal of building a partner and creators community that will help scale our market reach and monetization potential.

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