Interaction with WorkIndia CTO and Co-Founder – Moiz Arsiwala

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Interaction with WorkIndia CTO and Co-Founder - Moiz Arsiwala 1

Brief intro about Arsiwala and the idea behind the software


I am a technology leader with almost a decade’s experience and proven leadership skills in the world of web technologies. I have hands-on experience in digital transformation, technology architecture, data analytics, and tech growth strategy enabling software development. Combining this experience with my passion for contributing, I lead WorkIndia’s product to greater heights. WorkIndia’s proprietary solutions such as the Fraudulent Job Engine and Relevancy Platform are my brainchild.

The idea behind the verification system stroked me while I was watching the series “Person of Interest”. Back then, I had recently experienced an employer trying to get into the WorkIndia system by creating multiple accounts and started flooding the platform with fake and clickbait job postings. The series “Person of Interest” led to building the first graph analytics platform of WorkIndia which helps identify deeply related user’s issues based on various metadata features of the employer.

Few words about WorkIndia and its vision

WorkIndia is India’s largest blue and grey-collar platform, offering employment opportunities across 50 categories like tele-calling, field sales executives, delivery partners, etc. WorkIndia’s purpose of existence is to provide meaningful livelihoods to the 258M blue-collar workers of India.

Launched in 2015, WorkIndia has built a proprietary, AI-enabled technology platform that empowers blue and gray-collar job seekers to find jobs that match their skillset without any human intervention. Headquartered in Bengaluru,

WorkIndia is spread across 772 cities, 28 states & 8 union territories in India. Over 2.6Cr Indians trust the WorkIndia platform for finding meaningful employment opportunities. The platform caters to the critical hiring needs of over 15 lakh SMBs and multiple large corporates. With over 1.87 lakh job listings, WorkIndia empowers 1 lakh Indians monthly by helping them find meaningful jobs. Additionally, the mobile application is available in 10 regional languages covering over 85% of languages spoken across the nation.

What is the significance of implementing a thorough verification system in the
blue-collar industry?

The literacy level of blue-collar workers is usually low making them highly prone to Fraudulent jobs – one of the biggest challenges faced by workers in the Indian blue-collar segment. It is imperative that a technological disruption takes place in the blue sector employment, and the first step is to cultivate a method that transforms the archaic model of functioning. The verification system allows WorkIndia to be a platform for blue and grey collar individuals trust for genuine job opportunities.

Who will this verification process benefit and how?

Verification system has a two-fold impact and will benefit both, the employer, and the employee. For an employer, the platform ensures that he/she gets only get relevant and serious candidates. On the other hand, the verification system also helps benefit the employees. It ensures that the candidate gets genuine employers and not fraudulent employers who don’t pay salary and cheat on their employees.

To Verification process takes place via two approaches at WorkIndia – Proactive and Reactive. The Proactive approach verifies jobs as soon as they are activated on the platform. The Reactive approach, on the other hand, involves checking on jobs that are already live on the platform.

The Proactive approach consists of verification at the time of any job activity. The amount of these jobs that need to be activated on any given day is about 12000-14000. Manually verifying each and every job was not feasible from an operational point of view. To surpass this limitation, the platform built its Verification system which caters to needs of the organization while benefitting employer and employee.

Role of Emerging technologies like AI, ML at WorkIndia day – day process

Emerging Technologies such as AI, ML play a critical role in WorkIndia’s ecosystem. Driven solely by technology, WorkIndia’s platform has built a recruitment ecosystem that eliminates middlemen, fraudulent jobs, and vulgar jobs, providing job seekers with a platform they can trust when it comes to finding genuine job opportunities.

On a day-to-day basis, the verification system utilizes Rule engine, Elasticsearch Graph Analytics and ML model.  The first step for this was a Verification Rule based system (Rule Engine) built on drools which is a Business Rules Management System (BRMS) that enables the platform to manage and set all the Rules and makes it easy to edit and add new rules when needed.

The second step in the platform’s system consists of a Machine Learning Model trained on the data from actions of manual agents and all the suspicious indicators that the platform assigns to each employer (There are various suspicious indicators assigned to each Employers which have varying levels of risk and based on these indicators the machine learning model takes actions).

How will it help in curbing fraudulent employers?

The Verification system ensures that the platform offers only 100% genuine jobs! It avoids click bait or flooding of jobs across the platform by unethical employers and makes sure that bad employers don’t take away supply of candidates from genuine employers. It helps to weed out consultancies, click bait jobs, MLM schemes (who ask employers to buy digital/physical products and cheat them) and avoids vulgar jobs which may lead to prostitution, massage parlor or personal secretary kind of jobs affecting the dignity of Women and causing social harm to society.

What is the USP of WorkIndia?

WorkIndia is the only platform in India that is technologically solving a massive pain point i.e., Fraud jobs for the blue and gray collar individuals. Utilizing deep technology, the platform not only administers and digitizes the employment process but also mitigates any margin of fraud in hiring. Its fraud detection technology is India’s most extensive fraud technology system that processes 9.8 million data parameters.

It leverages a fully automated system rooted deep in dynamic algorithm-based hiring and geo-tagging which matches data demographically, evaluates eligibility, and observes behavior to suggest relevant jobs effectively. It also has built a highly sophisticated self-learning recommendation engine with over 10.3 billion data attributes which makes sure employers get relevant candidates.

Funding details

Recently in Jan 2023, the platform raised $12 million in its Pre-Series B funding from SBI Holdings, Tokyo, Yamauchi No.10 Family Office, the founding family of Nintendo, Persol and Insitor. Overall, the platform has so far raised over $23 million from Beenext, Xiaomi, Asuka Asset Management, Persol, Black soil, and angel investors Mr. Keshav Sanghi, and Mr. Satyen Kothari (Co- founder of Citrus Pay).

Few words about Techiexpert

The platform TechiExpert is designed to study the many elements of technology and how it is constantly altering our life. For the large audience, the TechiExpert team includes professionals in understanding deeply cognitive material and conducting research on the long-term of technology. 

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