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  • IoT in farming: the third green revolution

     Agriculture has always seen developments. From using plows to axes and now to tractors, farming kept evolving. And one of the revolutionary changes that could happen to agriculture today is “smart farming” with the usage of Internet of Things (IoT). The smart farming, which is likely to become the Third Green Revolution is the most […] More

  • 8 necessary Security Points for Your Internet of Things

    The incursion of the Internet of Things (IoT) into every facet of our life has proven itself as both an amazing innovation and a security problem. A large number of the connected device in one single system presents several points of entry for wicked purposes. With the Internet of things, the whole world has become […] More

  • iot blockchain

    Can blockchain secure IoT? How?

    Blockchain and Internet of things (IoT) Let’s end the dilemma of can blockchain secure IoT? And if yes, then how? Internet of things is currently increasing the awareness among people about the potential that lies in connecting different devices together and automation. IoT also provides you with a platform where you can control and monitor […] More

  • Why Consumers Haven’t Fully Adopted IoT Devices

    Internet of things (IoT) devices offer an innovative blend of digital and physical functionality, but most consumers are content to do without. According to a recent IoT technology survey from Clutch, consumers often unwittingly purchase an IoT device because that’s how many devices come now (i.e., smart TVs). That’s not to say that people don’t value […] More

  • 5 IOT Projects for Self Learning for Beginners

    Looking for some best IOT Projects?? If yes, then you are absolutely at the right place. Here, we will be helping you out with these projects through this blog. Here, we will be sharing each and every aspect of these IOT Projects. Obviously, before putting our hands into any technology, we must make sure that […] More

  • PCB Design Software Options for your IOT Product

    When you are in the design stage of your printed circuit board design, you need to make sure that you are collecting all of the necessary documentation. This documentation will help the manufacturer to create the perfect circuit board and if you leave something out you might find that your project never gets completed. Here, […] More


    IOT Device CyberSecurity

    IoT Device Cyber Security Several high-profile studies over the recent years of IoT Device Cybersecurity have divulged the lack of measures taken observed among enterprises when it comes to insecure IoT devices. The usage of insecure IoT devices has been on a consistent increase lately. Credit: Edureka! No wonder do we have to face an abrupt […] More

  • IIoT Adoption Speeds Up with New Initiatives

    The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is expected to bring revolution in manufacturing plants and factories across the world. Along with improving efficiency, it will ensure safety and seamless operations. Various initiatives have been taken to bring an upsurge across the globe. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the organization formed for speeding up the adoption […] More

  • Twilio intros Super SIM, Narrowband connectivity services for IoT

    Twilio is internet hosting its Signal developer convention in San Francisco this week. Yesterday was all about bots and taking funds over the cellphone; at the moment is all about IoT. The firm is launching two new (however associated) merchandise at the moment that can make it simpler for IoT developers to attach their units. […] More

  • IOT is expected to influence Manufacturing industries

    The Internet of Things is creating a 3D map of your workspace, and it knows you have been taking too many coffee breaks. Every 15 minutes?? Seriously, stop. In this connected map, devices, machines and business processes are linked. With the potential of sensors embedded in new and legacy production equipment, connected by IP to […] More

  • Huawei and Standard Chartered teaming up to create IoT solutions in banking

    Standard Chartered has joined hands with Huawei to create an IoT-powered solution that could completely transform the way corporate companies communicate with banks for financing or payments. The solution allows corporate firms and banks systems to speak to each other in real-time and triggering financing or payment instructions via APIs. This product would use Huawei’s […] More

  • How Do You Secure a Connected Home?

    The advent of technology has indeed been a revolution that changes the world completely with new devices being introduced on the market every day. With smartphones and advanced personal computer being a constant part of our lives, gadgets are entering into our households to make homes smarterand more efficient. With the introduction of smart home […] More

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