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  • Industry 4.0 for beginners

    Introduction on Industrial Revolution In case you have not been living under a rock for the past several years, you have probably heard the term “fourth industrial revolution”, or simply “Industry 4.0”. The term is closely tied to technological breakthroughs and constant improvements of the way we produce products, its digitization, and manufacturing. You may […] More

  • Internet of Things Is Causing More Problems Than Solutions

    A relatively new concept, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to any and every Wi-Fi-enabled device on the market today. From smartphones to smart refrigerators, IoT is a simple idea that’s becoming increasingly complicated. That’s because more devices are beginning to fall under the broad umbrella. And while there’s no arguing that this growing interconnections […] More

  • Arm Delivers Open Source Bluetooth Low Energy Software Stack

    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which is nowadays becoming so is quickly for the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity protocol of choice for a variety of use cases, which also includes the smart lighting, smart cities and asset tracking, where low-cost, power consumption and small footprint are one of the major requirements. According to the 2018 Bluetooth […] More

  • Crestron Wins 2018 Microsoft Global Internet Of Things Partner of the Year Award

    The company which is built on Microsoft Azure® platform, Crestron XiO Cloud™ IoT-based cloud service which has also been recognized for revolutionizing provisioning and management of workplace solutions Crestron, which is a global leader in control and automation technology for the modern workplace, has now accepted the prestigious 2018 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year […] More

  • Blockchain and IoT: Distinguishing the Hype from Reality

    Blockchain has been mentioned virtually by all research companies as the fast accelerating evolution and it is not only about the financial services companies, scope where we tackled the blockchain outside of cryptocurrency roots. Actually, blockchain convergence and Internet of Things are on an agenda for a lot of companies and there’re existing implementations, initiatives […] More

  • 5 “Smart” Things That Make Our Life Easier

    Life is getting amazingly simpler as the gadgets around us are getting smarter. With over 50 billion devices expected to be in the connected market by 2020, let us check out a few fruits of the Internet of Things revolution that will help us in our day to day life: Connected cars: With increase in […] More

  • Will Smart City affect the life of Indians?

    Smart City means different things to different people; for some it is a very technologically advanced city and for some it means getting all the basic necessities for a normal lifestyle. Smart City basically consists of all those aspects which make a city better like waste management, water management, better standard of living, good transportation […] More

  • Haier launches IoT enabled smart laundry services in India

    Haier has today announced the launch of its Smart Laundry Service in New Delhi, India. The unique Smartphone enabled laundry service is a fully automated IoT enabled implementation. Installed at the Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University, the service will cater to all registered students in the campus. The Haier Wash App will assist the […] More

  • How 3D Printers are Changing Factories

    Factories transformed manufacturing in the Industrial Revolution, allowing mass production and the ability for cheap products to reach many more people than before. Specialized machines built the same products over and over, perfectly consistent and identical. In the modern manufacturing age, however, 3D printers are changing the way factories operate. Modern factories are much more […] More

  • Merits and Demerits of Bluetooth 5.0

    The advent of Bluetooth 5.0 in the IoT scene is promising enough to let firms know that their quality of connection and speed would increase manifold. There are multiple advantages for this formidable technology. They are superior to all the previous versions of Bluetooth essentially due to their improvised quality of performance.  Technology giants have […] More

  • How NXP Security,Connectivity Helped FIFA 2018

    NXP semiconductors N.V.  has proven its supremacy from time to time, in providing advanced smart solutions that support enhanced infrastructure and secure connections. NXP, as the chief commander in the smart connected solutions market has consistently driven itself in the direction of innovation and has offered unconventional advancement in end-to-end security, secure connected vehicle and […] More

  • Role of Bluetooth 5 in IoT

    The growth of technology is inevitable with the inception of new upgrades and enhancements every day.  The new upgrade in the Bluetooth technology is efficient in various ways. It comes handy in IoT platforms as wireless devices are becoming quintessential. The Bluetooth low energy specification offers a great advantage as it lowers the energy consumption […] More

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