Introducing Hybrid Work Into Your Business Model: 6 Tips For Business Owners

By Srikanth
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Introducing Hybrid Work Into Your Business Model: 6 Tips For Business Owners 1

In the last couple of years, hybrid work has become an integral of many UK businesses. The hybrid work model offers the best of both worlds, as workers get to enjoy the comforts of working from home, while also benefiting from the office work culture. Many businesses chose to implement hybrid work during or just after the pandemic, but if your business hasn’t adopted the hybrid work model yet, then you may be wondering what the best way is to introduce it.


Introducing hybrid work has really never been easier, so if you want to make the change for your business, then you have come to the right place. Follow along to find out our top tips for business owners when looking to implement hybrid work.

Let Your Staff Know In Advance

Although there are many benefits to the hybrid work model, it is not something that you can just introduce overnight. Switching to a different way of working can be a huge adjustment to everyone, so it would be best to have a conversation with your staff way in advance. Doing this will allow everyone to understand what is going to happen, which means they can prepare themselves for the change. It is important that you have open and honest communication with your staff, as this will allow everyone to ask questions and get answers from management. Letting your staff know well in advance will just make the switch to hybrid work that little bit easier, so we absolutely recommend arranging a staff meeting and making an announcement.

Structure Work Accordingly

As your business makes a shift into hybrid work, it is important to understand what tasks can be completed from home and what tasks need to be done in the office. It is crucial that you make these big decisions before hybrid work is implemented, as it will just mean there is no confusion once your staff start working at home. The last thing you need is for deadlines to be missed because certain tasks are unable to be completed from a home office, so it is really important that, as a manager, you structure work accordingly. Perhaps create a visual guide for your team that clearly outlines which tasks are suitable for working from home and which ones will need to be completed in the office. This will prevent any miscommunication or disruption later down the line.

Provide Support With Home Office Set-Up

Switching to a hybrid work model is not always going to be an easy change, especially when it comes to setting up a home office. It is unlikely that everyone will already have an office space at home, so it would be helpful if your business provided support with your staff’s home office set-ups. Ask your staff what they need in order to create a productive home environment and either buy them equipment yourself or give them a set budget they can spend on getting their office sorted. If your staff do not have an adequate home office, you will likely find that levels of productivity and motivation will decrease, so it would benefit your staff and your company if you are able to help your team create their home offices.

Utilise Modern Technology

The only way that remote and hybrid work is able to succeed is by utilising modern technology. When you have staff not present in the office, you must be able to communicate with them frequently, which is why it is beneficial to have an internal communication system. In addition to this, you should also find online tools, apps, or software that will allow the hybrid work model to be successful in your business.

Something simple like compressing a PDF can prove to be difficult when you don’t have the right tools, so it may be beneficial to use an online PDF compressor to help you process PDF’s when you need to. It is likely that, as hybrid work continues within your business, you will gain a better understanding of what technology you need on a day-to-day basis. It’s best not to rush and invest all your money in random apps, as they may prove to be useless down the line. Instead, give it a few months, consult with your staff, and work out what technology you will need to invest in.

Champion Open Communication

When you have some staff working from home and some staff in the office, it is important that you are all able to communicate whenever you need to. Miscommunication within a professional setting will lead to a lot of disruptions, so you and your team need to figure out effective ways to communicate. We mentioned previously in this article that it would be beneficial to have an internal communications platform, but you should also consider having weekly team meetings, so that everyone can catch-up. These weekly meetings do not even need to be specifically about work, but they could be a good opportunity for your team to get together and talk casually about anything going on in their lives.

Consider Revamping The Office Space

In addition to providing support for home offices, you may also want to consider revamping the office space. As people settle into working from home, it is likely that will appreciate the benefits and comforts that remote work brings. Therefore, it is important that your staff are still wanting to work within the physical office, which is why it could be a good idea to revamp the office. Modernizing the office space will give your staff a better incentive to come to work and it can make working in the office a bit more enjoyable. Consider upgrading the office furniture and providing new equipment for everyone to use. You could also redesign the break room so that it is comfier and more welcoming. Add a coffee machine, a vending machine, and even some free snacks, and you will soon see staff morale rise.

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