Inventory Tracking Software for Small Business

Inventory Tracking Software for Small Business

If you run a wholesale business or an ecommerce business, then one of your primary concerns must be keeping track of your entire inventory and cash flow. This entails being able to predict demand, ensure that your products do not overstay their welcome in your warehouse and also taking care of any shrinkage issues. Why all of these can be adequately managed by using a software, it actually all begins with a smart inventory management system.

Also, it is important to highlight that inventory management transcends past just keeping stock of what’s in store. When to restock, the quantity to order and how much they cost can all feel very random. However, an inventory tracking software like EMERGE App for small businesses can give you more control of your business.

EMERGE App is a web-based application that aims to give small businesses greater control over their purchasing and sales. This ensures that small businesses can keep cost to a minimum while saving money and cost where possible.

EMERGE App comes with a plethora of useful features and flexibility that makes it perfect for small businesses and companies. Regarding flexibility, EMERGE App allows various employees own different profiles depending on the role they occupy in the company. Here, sales, operation and accounting departments can all operate different accounts that are tailor made for their departments. Hence, leading to greater work productivity as there is no need to filter too much information beforehand.

Signing up for EMERGE App is relatively easy; once you submit your company name and email address, you can then proceed to create a new subdomain for your business and fill in other relevant information. To begin with, users would be required to supply basic information about their company such as a list of suppliers and products in addition to creating purchase and sales order. The dashboard also displays all the key details on inventory, sales, and purchases.

Information about customers and suppliers are also displayed on the dashboard, and they can be customised to fit different customers and suppliers. Alternatively, you may choose to import customer/supplier data if you already have an existing one. Also, on display is the product section where users can find additional information about services, raw materials and other product related information.

In the EMERGE App, information and statistics are easily arranged in a concise and easy to understand manner. The operation section carefully details information ranging from order sales and quotes to a complete view of shipments, purchases, drop shipping and other operational information.

In addition to helping you keep tabs of your inventory, the EMERGE App also takes into account certain adjustments, stock takes and transfers. Boasting a multi-channel inventory management system, EMERGE App can be integrated across various shopping platforms such as Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify and the likes. EMERGE App does more than just track and manage your inventory. With EMERGE App, employees can also store and share files, in addition to seamlessly working with each other.

EMERGE App is also not restricted to any particular currency, which is good news as most e-commerce businesses adopt a variety of currencies. The software ensures that your business is not hindered by differences in currency, as adding a currency is easy and EMERGE App supports virtually every legal currency. If you already own and operate an accounting software, then EMERGE App can seamlessly sync with it to import all your existing sales information. Popular accounting software like QuickBooks Online and Xero work without a hitch with EMERGE App.

The convenience of not being restricted to a physical storage facility or location is priceless. EMERGE App is offering small businesses the chance to take their information and data to the cloud where they can be accessed remotely and securely. This ensures that businesses can track inventory and sales on the go. To top it all off, EMERGE App also offers a default B2B e-commerce platform that allows you to seamlessly transact with your wholesale supplier and customers. This feature makes it a lot easier for customers to access their personal accounts, buy the products they need and checkout easily.

Compared to its other competitors, the EMERGE App is well priced and very affordable at only $29.99. EMERGE App offers more than value for money and can be that revolutionary inventory management application that will completely change the way you handle your purchases and sales order. Small businesses can take advantage of the affordable price, excellent and robust features, cloud support and the complete flexibility that the EMERGE App offers to take their inventory management to the next level. Integrating EMERGE App into your business operations will not only increase productivity and boost sales, but it will also provide great insight as to how you can take your business to the next level.


Written by Raviraj Hegde

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