Involve Emotionally : The Art of Triggering Emotional Intelligence

Involve Emotionally : The Art of Triggering Emotional Intelligence 1

How often does it happen to you that a book or movie makes you emotionally unstable? Do you remember how Titanic or Tarzan brought tears to your eyes? Well, alright not everyone has the same sensitivity level as I do; but, it sure touched a nerve in me when I was done with the movie.

An estimated analysis performed by Statistic Brain Research Institute indicates that normally 8.25 second is the average time in which you as a product/service is able to capture a reader’s attention going through your website or online product.

Does that sound convincing enough?! I am sure it didn’t. Allow me to be a bit more expressive in showing you what I meant right there.

Human beings are a complex creature and they can sometimes be a lot cheerful, other times sad or angry, and then other times they would truly feel crazy. When such mood swings take place with an individual, they happen because these individuals are filled with emotions.

After all, emotions when clicked right can bind two people in an eternal bond; now, just imagine when you can leverage that emotional intelligence as a part of your business proposition. How likely will a person be able to emotionally connect with your product and form a bond of a lifetime?

Somewhere deep inside, as an entrepreneur, we always had that dream!

Ways to Leverage the Power of Emotional Intelligence to Keep Your Readers Involved

Each day millions of content gets published on the Internet and finding your way to break the ice for readers becomes a cumbersomely tiresome process. We all want our published content to perform, whether it is in a shape of a website’s landing page, a blog, a press release or any other form of content; we want the major audience to see it.

As we are going deeper into the abyss of technological advancement, we have learned that the average attention span of a person has not only decreased but is gradually decreasing.

It’s not all about producing quality content or relevant information anymore! You need to add an element of surprise or identify a way so you can grab your reader’s attention. After all, a visitor will never become a reader unless you don’t capture their attention. If they are paying attention, their eyes will keep reading on and that’s how you will eventually capture their emotions. Here are some great tips to begin with:

Target Your Reader’s Trigger Points

Our subject is humans and we need to first understand how the human brain works while it is reading a piece of content. According to research, when a person is reading an attractive piece of content, the brain only make sense of words which are possible to imagine. In case, if you are reading about a cat and your mind understands what a cat is or if it can picture the cat, it will be easier for the mind to connect the dots and understand what your website is offering about the cats in written words.

So make sure when you are about to write content for your website, create content which links to the most common imaginations, one such which the human mind can easily contemplate. Does it sound a cumbersome task to achieve? Yes, it does sound difficult but not unachievable. You have to tell a story! A story that connects with your audience so they can picture the motive behind your brand.

Leverage the Power of Story-Telling

Storytelling is a commendable way to connect with your readers on a whole new level. It is a powerful tool which most modern day bloggers are using in order to convince the audience so they can read your content. With effective storytelling, one can win the attention or simply enable readers to take action or even by relating to a particular person’s situation, help others convince to take an action.

Effective storytelling simulates our brains in such an amazing way that even the most boring stuff can become relatively interesting. How does storytelling works? A good story releases oxytocin in our brain which is a neurochemical that triggers the element of empathy. When you as a writer is able to put yourself in the shoes of a reader, you will understand how situations can be made more understandable.

When we talk about online business, always open your post with a story that answers the following question:

  • Why should your readers care to read what you have just written?
  • How does it impact the world when it is read by the general audience?
  • Does it take commendable steps in improving the lifestyle of the reader?

When content is shaped with the perfect story-telling element, it ultimately makes the content more memorable and persuasive for the audience and they are compelled to take certain action.

Add a Hook to Your Content

A hook is an engaging piece of short content within the story of your brand that readily attracts the attention of the customer permanently. A great hook can be a relatable demographics or mesmerizing statistics that will add to the knowledge of your reader so they can fully pay attention to what you are saying. Undivided attention will only result in grabbing a short amount of information; whereas a mind that understands the importance of your hard work will more likely put their full focus on what you have to say.

A famous psychologist once said that a perfect hook will trigger the right hemisphere of the brain and ultimately result in triggering the imaginative and emotional side of perception for the audience. Most SEO services in Toronto are more likely taking the best advantage of using the hook strategy in their content. Grabbing the attention of your audience is the end goal of every business owner, and one can only achieve it if he or she is using the right hook within their content.

Add a Memorable Experience in the Content

Ever heard the term experiential marketing? It’s an extremely powerful strategy which most business users leverage in order to create the perfect bond between consumers and brands.

Some of the most remarkable brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, RedBull, Nike, Apple, and Adidas have held large live events which allow people to experience what they are offering. Nike’s ReactLand allowed users to wear the new React shows and were given the chance to play a three-walled video game by running on a treadmill. A separate controller with a button was further provided in order to make the jumps.

Are you also interested in introducing the element of experiential marketing in your brand, you can always make use of it by creating such experiences:

  • You can offer trials or free samples of what you are offering to the customer.
  • You can conduct a live webinar and allow audiences to connect with you.
  • You can organize chat sessions on Google Hangout and send Q&A sessions.
  • You can engage readers and allow them to add comments on social media.

There are almost thousands of other ways through which you can create the perfect memorable experience which can trigger your customer’s need and then make the most of it.

Emotional Intelligence is a complete science. If you have found your way around it, you can easily grab the attention of your visitors and drive commendable sales for your prospects.

Today, the world is moving towards the transformation of marketing and Emotional Intelligence is one chip in the block which stabilizes the foundation of modern world brands

Written by Muhammad Osama

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