IOS 12 features from Beta Versions

Being introduced to the latest versions of the iOS is always a treat.  With the latest version of iOS being launched, it has created a stir in the market. Everyone is eyeing on the new details and features that are coming along with it.

So, let us take a tour of the new added features.

The software was released on 4th of june at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple has put in its maxima to make iPhones and iPads way more efficient and responsive. With this being said, the keyboard pops faster, the apps launch more quickly camera is faster to access and open. It has increased the device’s optimization, especially when a lot of activities are taking places at the same time.

Since it has to connect to the youth more, it introduced new customizable Memoji, similar to snapchat’s Bitmoji. You can personalize a look that looks just like you. The new Group FaceTime is here, wherein you can add up to 32 people along with various effects like Memoji, and Animoji to make it more fun. It also allows you to check out new camera features.

Coming to Siri, there is whole new intellect added to the iOS 12 version of siri. She can answer various trick questions that was not possible before. There are a lot more shortcuts that introduced to this version. Siri suggestions and these shortcuts pop up on the lock screen. To do the same, you will have to pull down to search.

There is a more integrated time management tool, which helps with the focusing at the same time.

Now, you can see the weekly activity reports on what you did on iOS, you can view this under screen time. You have an upgraded version of parental control which allows the parents to track how much time their kids are spending on various applications.

There is an advanced Do Not disturb mode that allows you to keep your notifications customised according to your own will.

The next upgraded feature is the Grouped Notification. It allows you to have all the notifications from one specific app altogether, unlike in the previous versions. You can also put them on a quiet mode. Siri also provides you with a suggestion to turn off notifications for apps that you do not use at all or as often.

Another introductory feature is the browsing in Apple news. You can look for various global updates with a redefined stock application as well.

The voice memos have been upgraded along with the i-books which are now termed as Apple Books

The photos feature has a lot more features removing the hassle by adding better search options. There are better editing and highlighting options available for you now allowing you to have a ShareBack option as well.

Apart from all these, the ARKit contributes 12 functions which has made the iOs12 far more useful. Face tracking has been worked on, the important change to notice is the Shared Experience feature.

There are new file formats including USDZ apart from pixar that already exists.

With all this being said, Apple has brought in a lot of efficiency and optimisation for it’s users.


Written by Kashti Mishra

Technology Analyst of the team .. Holds the Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication from Amity University. She handles the IOT, AI, ML, Cloud,Mobile Technologies related analysis for Techiexpert ,

kashti can be reached at [email protected]

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