IoT Can Revolutionize Connectivity and Privacy in Kashmir

By Sunil Sonkar
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IoT Can Revolutionize Connectivity and Privacy in Kashmir

Accomplished scholar in Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Syed Rameem Zahra is spearheading a technological revolution in Kashmir with her expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) security and 5G security. Having earned Ph.D. degree from the National Institute of Technology Srinagar and served as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at IIT Delhi, Dr. Zahra is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Netaji Subhas University of Technology, India.


Her pioneering work focuses on enhancing the security protocols of IoT and 5G systems, mitigating vulnerabilities through innovative defense mechanisms. In a detailed discussion with a media house in Kashmir, she shed light on the transformative potential of IoT and data science in shaping the future of the Valley.

The journey of Dr. Zahra into data science and IoT industries started in 2016 when she was inspired by the vision of Kevin Ashton on the same. Since then, she has dedicated her research to making IoT technologies a reality and a force for positive change.

In Kashmir, where preserving cultural heritage is paramount, Dr. Zahra envisions using IoT to blend technological innovation with tradition. She proposes initiatives to document and preserve key aspects of Kashmiri culture, including language and oral traditions, using audio and video recordings, pronunciation libraries, and open-source software. This approach ensures that the region’s rich cultural heritage continues to thrive in the digital age.

She sees IoT as a game-changer for agriculture in the valley where about 70% of the population depends on farming. She highlights the potential of IoT solutions to empower local farmers. These insights enable them to optimize their agricultural practices, reduce labor costs, and improve crop health, promising a brighter future for agriculture in the region.

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