IOT CyberSecurity Scaring Everyone

The recent technological advancement has seen a sudden surge in IoT technology, but a lack of the security in IoT can be fatal which the enterprises are not aware of and thus they aren’t taking any necessary security protocols.

A recent survey of 553 enterprises IT decision-makers, stated that data enabled by IoT devices are likely to be lost or stolen within the next two years.
These stats seemed to have scared a lot of IT hubs since a lot of small-scale connected devices and other parts of the Internet of Things are not secure or are ill-equipped to provide the necessary security protocols.

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IOT CyberSecurity Scaring Everyone
Such protocols cannot be produced everywhere due to its prevalent complexities. And to its top that, the speed at which IoT technology advances it seems impossible to keep up with the security requirements since it evolves even faster.

Another study done on this issue made some hefty revelations which included the difficulties adhering to the lack of sources to protect enterprises from IoT devices.
Most of them also said that they have a dedicated team which specifically monitors the risk posed by devices being used in the workplace.

The attacks target the Domain Name System (DNS) that makes sure information requests on the internet are delivered to the right address, A large amount of redundant traffic can be experienced thus making it difficult to the functioning of websites. Unprotected devices are the weak points which have a high chance of getting infected by malicious hosts which find the weak spots and uses them to generate bogus traffic in the targeted devices. It is advised that IoT devices must be updated with patches once they are available.
Measures To Prevent Attacks

Third party or relying vendors are to be avoided for the purchase of IoT devices.
This proves that the internet is vulnerable since it is the integral system for any major IT hubs.

Until this vulnerability is addressed, it will cast a serious shadow over the future of connected technology, a future in which much hope and massive resources have already been invested.

There is an estimation of about more than 8.4 billion connected devices active this year which can easily be compromised by the inclusion of a host botnet.
Exploitation of unsecured digital devices on the Internet by malicious code can seriously disrupt daily life.

Other Factors



• Another important factor is the poor infrastructure that manages IoT devices.
• The lack of resources is another one of the factors here.
• Lack of awareness
• Ill equipped companies
• Lack of motivation

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