IoT Drives Transformation in Saudi Agriculture for Sustainable Growth

By Sunil Sonkar
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IoT Drives Transformation in Saudi Agriculture for Sustainable Growth

Saudi Arabia agricultural sector is undergoing transformation. It is being driven by the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The shift is important here as farmers usually face challenges like water scarcity, inefficient farming practices and harsh climatic conditions.


Economist and policy adviser Mahmoud Khairy highlighted the importance of the advancements. He said that it is important to improve productivity and make farming sustainable. Technologies can help the farmers in monitoring and managing crops effectively.

Phil Webster, a partner at the management consulting firm Arthur D. Little, said that the adoption of IoT technologies have increased in recent years. Saudi Arabia is now paving the way for a sustainable agricultural sector with it. Productivity and environmental stewardship will go hand in hand in the country.

It is true that the application of IoT in agriculture is revolutionizing traditional farming practices as the system is based on sensors, actuators and connected devices. All these help the farmers to collect real-time data of soil moisture, temperature, humidity, livestock health and crop growth. It is basically a data-driven approach to enable farmers in making informed decisions.

Mishkat, a company specializing in sustainable and high-production farming in Saudi Arabia, said that they demonstrate some innovative approach in farming with the help of technology to produce nutritious and high-quality food. Their aims are sustainability, safety and health. They mainly focus on positioning themselves as a leader in high-production farming techniques in the country.

Mishkat’s agricultural facility is located in the outskirts of Jeddah. It has innovative approach and offers a sustainable solution for local, pesticide-free and water-efficient production. Its vertical farm addresses land scarcity and simultaneously maximizes resource efficiency.

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