The IoT at home: NFC makes creating smart environments easier than ever

It is no surprise any more. Internet of Things or IoT as it is more famously known, is a revolutionary thing in the world of technology. The best part about IoT is that it isn’t just one single technology, it’s many technologies coming together and working meticulously towards increasing efficiency, automation, and safety of our day-to-day activities.

When it comes to Smart Cities, the Internet of Things includes an innovative mix of technologies capable of creating a more connected, greener urban environment.

That’s exactly what is happening in Columbus, where NXP has joined hands with the United States Department of Transportation as a part of their Smart City Initiative. Automotive technology is work towards bettering private and public transportation, while smartcard IC technology is meticulously creating a single credential for the purposes of multi-modal transport, and the RFID technology is working towards the easing the traffic congestion problems and help prevent frequent accidents.

The Emergence of Smart homes

An integral part of smart cities, Smart homes make use of a combination of a number of different technologies to enable Internet of Things features. Popularly used wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi merge with special light fixtures and sensors, in order to give birth to smart homes that more programmable, more efficient, and more automated in nature.

Making it simpler with NFC

Tech developers all over the world are well-aware of the requirement for convenience and simplicity in the area of smart-home applications. Keeping this need in mind, the NFC Forum has decided to form an IoT Special Interest Group in order to study/research and analyse ways through which NFC could make connecting, commissioning and controlling IoT devices in the home much simpler than ever.


NFC helps one in pairing devices that make use of various different communication technologies. It does so, so that the users is able to start a Bluetooth connection or initiate a Wi-Fi transaction with just a single click. NFC is very useful when it is working with Internet of Things devices such as sensors, electrical outlets etc. which don not have a user interface.


NFC makes installing the setup, logging data and maintaining one’s network easier than ever. In a majority of cases, the user’s smartphones doubles up as their user interface for the smart-home network.


In order to provide the users with higher level of security and flexibility, NFC gifts its users a good control over the settings and also access a number of privileges.


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