IoT is no more a next big thing, it’s a reality with security concern

In the world of technology, there is nothing that can stay for too long at the pinnacle. Something new comes in and you have to leave the throne to the next big thing. However, this is a problematic statement which may mean it is something outdated and not useful. While a technology may not be the next big thing and yet be something extremely important for most people around the world.

So much so, it can be fundamentally important to the world of technology which the next big thing will take even further. It is at this juncture where you must understand IoT not as something whose days are over, but something that is only going to get better with time and technological advancement.

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The dream is still on, despite setbacks

If you have ever wondered why IoT is looked at with skeptic look, the reason is very simple. It is because despite the initial euphoria, people have understood it is not flawless by any means. However, since it is only a human invention, there is always room for betterment and the most important sector in this regard would be security. Security has been the prime concern for most people since the network of data can be eavesdropped by the most unlikely of listeners. IoT can be paradise for hackers and it is precisely what has irked people.

An impossible existence without IoT

Having said that, if you are dreaming of a world without IoT, then it is an impossible dream. Data is key to everything nowadays and any development without the big data is nearly improbable. Hence, rather than rejecting IoT as a faulty innovation, it is security measures that require attention and investment from corporate and government quarters. For example, since it is a network that is at stake, each and every device connected through it must be secured.IoT is no more a next big thing, it’s a reality with security concern

Failing to do so will only put the whole prospect at risk and it is precisely why you need retrospection. The best way to eliminate security issues is to integrate and standardize every device in the loop so that any mismatch does not lead to a security disaster. Moreover, since this data is going to travel in the cloud, infecting the data can even cause more severe chain reactions which may bring down the whole network as you know it.

Cybercrime must be resisted

The most obvious threat from the world of crime is the cyber criminals. They are on the prowl for any unsafe device and any device in the IoT network is the ideal playground for them. The most worrying aspect of such hackers is that they are hardly financially motivated and often, they carry political agendas. While various countries have joined hands to resist the bullies, it is not an easy task and will require further measures. Businesses are now fluently moving from one domain to the other and they simply cannot imagine a situation where one field is under attack.

A ray of hope

While it may seem IoT is causing all sorts of troubles, it is only the surface of events that show such scenario. A good deal of research is being processed to realize what kind of security measure would serve to be optimum in this scenario since it is impossible to secure each and every device individually. However, the common form of hacking attacks can always be resisted if some status quo can be reached. While this seems to be a challenge, the progress of technology only assures that the challenge will be taken care of in due time. IoT, hence, may not be the next big thing anymore, but it is still a big thing nonetheless.

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