IoT now assists in shoe drying too!

By Srikanth
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IoT now assists in shoe drying too! 1

We all need the right pair of shoes to conquer the world.Well, forget about conquering the world, we all need the right pair of shoes to walk comfortably, and wet shoes always come in the way of a comfortable path of walking. Wet shoes always spoil the mood.


As usual, the internet of things came to rescue for drying up shoes. Despite Maxxdry model’s timer on shoes that helped to dry up the shoes at a given period that was not quite satisfactory, internet of things was added to the drying model that will dry shoes without a timer. Boot Dryers also occasionally spoiled the shows and made them extra dry, making them useless for further usage.

ESP32, the boot dryer is made with the connectivity of brains, along with IoT. This model uses wifi or any internet provided to the machine. The device can be controlled using a remote, which uses relays to control the heater and fan in the dryer.

Timers can be added to the machine, to make it automated, however, the dryer can also be switched on and off manually. This device comes with a cheap price and is durable for a long time.

Trekkers in the snow can also preheat their boots, that will stay functionally warm for a period of time, which makes it easy for the snow trekkers.

Traditional boot dryers, despite being very advantageous by using extension tubes and giving high duty performance, they came with a very noisy working and sometimes dried only with radiant heat and required hours to dry shoes entirely. Mark, the maker of this IoT based drier, claimed that this machine corrects all the cons and can be controlled from anywhere using the remote.

However, some critics also claimed that there is no necessity of remote control on a boot drier, to which Mark replied saying it was a fun project and did not need any further monitoring.

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