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IOT trends and predictions in 2019

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The world is emerging in the technology faster than the expected, so in the different technologies too apart from others IOT had always been in the limelight due to its various benefits in the daily usage of the things and has still maintained its position in the top technologies. It is assumed that the IoT era is just started and it will last till the year 2022, till then all the sectors will get updated with the IoT technology and more innovations will be seen further.

Nowadays, also Environmental problems and issue are also concernedly and thus people are focusing on the environment and it has been noticed that IOT will give some major innovations in the environmental sector and some serious majors will be taken. While in the upcoming years, we will see sectors such as automation and Artificial Intelligence will grow immensely and also be considered as important innovations. Due to this, the market value will increase, we have already seen many startups who are opting for the IoT technologies and, in upcoming years there will be a number of IoT technologies related startup will be seen further. So here are some predictions that are in trends for the IOT in the upcoming years  as follow:

1) Environment

The major problem that the world is facing in the current and the upcoming years too will be the environmental problems, majorly the pollution and the effects of global warming. Environmental researchers and scientist are majorly concerned about how will they solve this problem and what will be the situation of the environment in further years due to the majorly affecting chemicals that are emitted by the industries.

So, IOT will play the major roll year by developing sensors and devices that can help us to get the real-time reading of the air that is polluted and also we know that methane is the second largest proportion in the air after the carbon dioxide and one of the major gas that spread pollution, so sensors can be made which can detect the methane level an accordingly help the industry in the reduction of the gas. Not only that by placing the pollution detection sensors in a public area the real-time reading can give the people know about the same so that they can also take some major steps to reduce the pollution in the world.

Not only air but also water is polluted due to the chemical waste that is thrown by the industry and thus we can also make some device that can detect the level of pollution in the water and accordingly they should be clean and even some devices should also be innovated which can clean these water and make it the chemical-less  at least it can be used in other household activities apart from drinking.

2) Education

Not only the environment but, there also many usages of the IOT Technologies in the other fields and education is one of them, many innovations can be done in the educational systems we know that the same examples and syllabus are there in the education system and it does not change, so it is important that students get to know about the latest things that are going around the world.

Using the IOT it has been possible to get the smart classroom and even we can design a device which can assign task to the students in the absence of the teacher as well as monitor them, Internet is also one of the forms of IOT which is the huge network and using it we can get ample knowledge. For the practice of skill or learn new skills we have YouTube through which we can able to learn anything and develop our different skills without paying a penny, nowadays even there are online courses available as well as the online degree course through which you can get your degree online on a particular course and many universities from the world support this.

3) Business

IOT has grown and through this only many startups are possible, as most of the startup has developed some device through the IoT technology and then from that only they have been recognized, products related to the home automation, then for the daily usage  products are used mostly innovated and some of them are also attached in the other devices such as on vehicles to track the location as well as making traveling easier.

These have made many businesses grow and also their market value has been increased many startups also have been taking over by the multinational companies, even the smart cities are now in progress and this has been possible through the IOT a this the reason why the IOT market has been increased and earning profits.

4) Cybersecurity

Even the Cybersecurity uses the IoT we know how important is the security when everything is on the  internet and still you have to maintain the confidentiality of the data of the organization and only that there are some devices that can still be hacked as some researchers have found some vulnerability in the IOT architecture but with the time it will be solved and some amazing solutions will be innovated having the secured device and having less possibility of hijacking.

5) Telecommunication

The biggest telecommunication change through the IOT  is the 5G network that is going to considered by 2020 in the world and it will create many more opportunities for the IOT will be possible due to the high speed more real-time data will be taken and thus considered for the analyses.

In the nutshell, it can be said that IOT will change our lives and the way of living of the people in the forthcoming years and every sector will get innovated through this there will be more real-time and time-saving inventions through the IOT and more precisely it will work in terms of the security also, not only that but also the whole economy of the world will also be changed due to smart city projects.



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