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IOT Trends to be focused in 2017

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2017 is the year of data as everyone is predicting and they are not far off from the truth as things stand. IoT, big data and many other data-driven technologies are continuously taking new shapes and hence, one needs to recognize them and ensure that they go with the trends that these technologies are following. IoT, one of the prime concerns when it comes to data-driven technologies, has shown great promise and is fast becoming pervasive given it is overcoming its drawbacks.

New users, worthier insights, customized experience and enhanced satisfaction level- these are some of the promises that IoT offers with its latest trends. If that sounds exciting, then it is important to explore the trends and rely on them to improve the quality and productivity of the system.IOT Trends to be focused in 2017

Converge of platforms

Blockchain is no longer a concept that gave impetus to BitCoin; rather, it has achieved a status of multiple verticals with more and more companies using the technology to deliver unique product and user experience. Since privacy and security are some of the most important concerns, experts tout it to be the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle called IoT. Blockchain uses algorithms which meet the demand of IoT in the most brilliant manner and users will never have privacy qualsm anymore.

Mobile devices and IoT

IoT devices is going to face more attacks in the near future considering the amount of network it entails and the scale of data flowing through it. DDoS attacks will frequent IoT networks which call for enhanced security. Hence, if there is going to be a trend of attack, there has to be a trend of security too. So, various websites using IoT will have even more tightened security in the coming days.

Businesses that want to exploit mobile devices to the fullest have a great friend in IoT. If you are thinking about tapping into newer and fresher customer base every single year, then mobile devices is your go-to destination. So, Internet of Things is surely changing everything that is connected to internet and businesses are trying to track the change to make the most of it. From home appliances to smart watches, virtual assistants to automated cars- everything that there is and will be have IoT embedded within it.

IoT, AI and connectivity

Of course, if one talks about IoT, one cannot ignore the impact of AI in direct and indirect manner on the field. AI empowers companies to gather, connect and deploy billion stacks of data to extract the meaningful and necessary. Hence, a two-way communication and integration forms the key to work with big data in today’s business. Cloud services are being proliferated with data arriving from IoT devices more and more with application development focusing on making the IoT integration across devices as smooth as possible.

IoT uses everything to make itself heard across devices. From your wiFi to Bluetooth, Ethernet to LTE, every single communicational procedure and technology is enabling IoT to send the data across millions of devices with lightening speed. Newer forms of wireless communications such as LoRaWAN are coming through specially dedicated for IoT purpose so that the data can travel faster, smoother and in a more invisible manner.

Shaping new business models

Of course, everything harks back to new possibilities in business and hence, it is the evident outcome of an IoT revolution. The new model, however, will integrate the horizontal and the vertical to provide new dimensions in e-commerce and consumer markets will explode. IoT will become an ecosystem in the coming ages with complexity of a different degree that will integrate a simple speaker with your app through voice recognition.

So, your food will be ordered even if you don’t even see the whole process or participate. IoT is going to make everything digital in the coming days as it may become a service in the near future. Till then, one must track the various developments it undergoes.

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